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What's Your Psych Name?

What's Your <i>Psych</i> Name?

This post is in response to my younger brother’s relentless nagging for a Psych name game. (He insisted that the name game would be amazing, while I wasn't so sure.) One of the show’s running gags is the way Shawn and Gus introduce themselves with totally absurd names. So using these crazy monikers as inspiration, I've crafted a name game that requires a little more creative involvement that usual. Just follow the directions below to uncover your Psych name!

First Name/Title: Find the third letter of your first name and follow the corresponding instructions.

A: Choose from Chesterfield, Pierre, Clementine, or Aurora.

B: Use an adjective that starts with an S, K, or J as your first name or title.

C: Choose from Crafty, Chatty, Jazzy, and Magical.

D: Just use “The” as your title.

E: Choose a name that relates to weather, like Rainbow or Sleet.

F: Choose from Baloney, Candy, Granola, or Salmon.

G: Use the title Viscount/Vicountess or Baron/Baroness.

H: Choose from Hans, Talmidge, Ambrosia, or Vita.

I: Choose a title that is also a key on the keyboard, like Caps Lock or Alt.

J: Use the title Honorable.

K: Choose a first name that is also a bad celebrity baby name.

L: Choose from Azariah, Mortimer, Lilith, or Clementine.

M: Your title shall be MC!

N: Choose a name that is also a color, like Lavender or Light Steel Blue.

O: Choose from Aladdin, Hercules, Cinderella, or Rapunzel.

P: Use a first name/title that relates to royalty, such as Dynasty or Prince.

Q: Choose from Huxtable, Barnaby, Myrtle, or Edith.

R: Choose a title that deals with the government, like Senator or Ambassador.

S: Choose a name that is also an herb or spice, such as Lemongrass or Oregano.

T: Use the title Darth.

U: Choose from Doctor, Mr./Mrs., or Sir/Lady.

V: Choose a name that is also a body of water, such as Pond or Atlantic.

W: Use Big or Lil’.

X: Choose a name that is also a type of tree/wood, such as Hickory or Maple.

Y: Choose from Skip, Rex, Molly, or Sadie.

Z: You shall be first name/title free!

Middle Name/Nickname: Find your zodiac sign and follow the corresponding instructions.

Aries: Choose a nickname that is also an animal.

Taurus: Choose from Smallpox, Silly Pants, U-Turn, or Honeysuckle.

Gemini: Choose a nickname that is also an onomatopoeia.

Cancer: Use a nickname that is also an inanimate object, such as Soupcan or Crockpot.

Leo: Choose from Buddy, Wally, Sally, or Jenny.

Virgo: Choose a nickname that is also a musical term, like cantata, glissando, or nocturne.

Libra: You don’t have a middle name! Continue on to the next step.

Scorpio: Choose from Hollabackatcha, Hammertime, Homeskillet, or Hummingbird.

Sagittarius: Choose a middle name that is the last name of a famous scientist, like Einstein, Curie, or Franklin.

Capricorn: Use the name of your favorite childhood stuffed animal as your middle name.

Aquarius: Choose a nickname that is also a food.

Pisces: Use a state’s name as your middle name.

Last Name: Find the last digit of the year you were born and follow the corresponding instructions.

0: Choose from Boychuck, Bleeth, Baumgartner, or Bojangles.

1: You’re so cool, you don’t need a last name!

2: Choose from McGurlagher, MacIntosh, McMillan, or McMurphy.

3: Choose a famous last name, like Clooney or Galifianakis.

4: Choose from Buttersnaps, Fancybottom, Fletchman, or Pennywhistle.

5: Use a last name that is also a fruit.

6: Choose a last name that rhymes with your new first name, title, middle name, or nickname.

7: Use a made-up word as your last name. See Dr. Seuss for inspiration.

8: Choose a last name from the Harry Potter books.

9: Use a normal last name, like James, but spell it all cray-cray. (Think Jaymiz.)

Post by Sydney Scott, AKA The Homeskillet Pennywhistle. What's your Psych name?

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