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Reasons We're Excited to See The Bling Ring

Reasons We're Excited to See The Bling Ring


The Bling Ring comes out tomorrow and we are super pumped for the crime-drama/party-nightmare. The trailer, which looks like Vice Magazine puked on Hollywood Boulevard, promises a plethora of reasons we’ll be showing up opening night. In no particular order, here are the top reasons we’ll get comfy in our Ugg boots, inhale the sweet scent of self-tanner, and turn our phones to silent for the premier of The Bling Ring.

1. It’s an interesting story. The movie is based on true events and it’s set in Los Angeles, it’s like Clueless meets Ocean’s Eleven, but FOR REAL. I mean how often do hot teens commit crimes against celebrities and almost get away with it? Not often, is the correct answer.
2. We get to see inside Paris Hilton’s house. Sofia Coppola was granted full access to film in Paris Hilton’s house and we get to see it all! Even the stripper pole! Look, we’re just as jaded about the peroxide princess as the rest of America, but there is a part of us, a part that watched almost every episode of The Simple Life, that is still a tad bit fascinated by the Swarovski-bespeckled heiress’s rise to the national spotlight and we want to see her house. AND WE’RE NOT EMBARRASSED TO ADMIT IT (ok, slightly embarrassed).
3. Emma Watson. She’s great. When you think about it, celebrity life could have gone either way for her. She could have tripped and fallen down the ole’ Lilo hole, that so many of our talented-teen actors succumb to, but she didn’t! And she’s going to finish her degree at Brown! So badass.
4. Living vicariously. This is closely related to #1. We all get to live out some fashion-forward, criminally cool fantasy, which seems awesome (except the actual committing crimes and getting busted thing, that doesn’t sound so awesome).
5. We just like going to the movies. It’s Friday people. We want something to do! We want to go to town on some Gummy Bears and a fountain soda and enjoy a little transportation to make-believe land.
6. Sofia Coppola. She’s awesome. We like her movies. She brings a certain punk-aesthetic to everything she directs and we’re into her style. We even liked Maria Antonieta!
7. GIRL POSSE! It’s rare we get to see a a female-lead group of thieves causing terror and partying all night. Usually there’s a male leader, or a male posse and one token lady, but this is a female-run, female-populated group! It’s nice to see ladies working together for the greater good of the group. We just wish it was more about saving the world and less about breaking and entering.

What do you think? Are you excited to see The Bling Ring this weekend?

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