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Do You Want Your Face To Look Like The Little Mermaid's Face?

Do You Want Your Face To Look Like The Little Mermaid's Face?

Ever since we knew that mermaids existed, or at least since 1989, every single girl, give or take, has wanted to be Disney’s The Little Mermaid. (Not the Hans Christian Andersen one who dies when she sees a princess marrying Prince Eric. The one who sings with a hot crustacean band under the sea and gets Eric, happily ever after.)

But for years, moms and dads have been crushing their daughters’ (and some of their sons’) dreams, insisting that they cannot be The Little Mermaid. Not either of The Little Mermaids.

While they are technically right, thanks to this new Sephora makeup line, you can get pretty close to living your fantasy. It’s so cool that you don’t have to be one of those girls who “doesn’t leave the house without makeup on” to enjoy it. It’s just totally fun, and so colorful and glittery that it’s reminiscent of what you wanted to wear on your face when you were playing Little Mermaid dress-up in 2003.

The set includes colors straight up from Under The Sea—eye shadows named Scuttle, Les Poissons, Unfortunate Souls, and Caspian Sea (we think one of those colors should have been called “dinglehopper,” though perhaps that’s not the most attractive name for a makeup shade.) There’s also a “What Cha-Nail-Callit” nail polish kit, “Mermaid Song” lipgloss set, “Set The Mood” compact mirror, and Kiss The Girl Eau de Parfum Spray.

Kiss The Girl perfume?! Will it work for you? We’re talking about the Disney version here, so of course it will work, probably. Try it out for yourself.

The set will be available online later this month and in stores in August, just on the heels of Sephora’s two other Disney makeup lines—Cinderella and Jasmine.


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