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100 Types of Crushes

100 Types of Crushes

Crushes? Yeah, we've had 'em all. Have YOU ever had a thing for...

1. The soccer player

2. The one your mom wants you to date

3. The one your dad does not want you to date

4. The one with tattoos

5. The emo one

6. The local celebrity

7. The indie celebrity that you think only you know about

8. Your best friend

9. The one that you are super, gut-wrenchingly attracted to but don't know why

10. The guy who usually is not your type

11. Your first crush

12. The prom DJ.

13. The conspiracy theorist

14. Puppies!

15. Mr. Larping Guy a.k.a. "Just call me Robb Stark!"

16. The class president

17. The guy who helps you with your homework

18. The guy you help with homework

19. The one with the buzz cut

20. The guitar player

21. Edward

22. Jacob

23. The guy who is awesome except for his long fingernails

24. Mr. Cool Car

25. The pizza delivery boy

26. The one whose hair falls into his eyes

27. The Valedictorian

28. The Salutatorian

29. The guy who is just always THERE in your neighborhood

30. Anyone in the Harry Potter movies

31. But mostly anyone with RED HAIR in the Harry Potter movies

32. Crushed ice

33. Guy who lived somewhere else

34. Guy who your friend liked first

35. Guy who you liked before all your friends did

36. Your girl crush

37. Peeta

38. The handyman

39. The nicest person

40. The guy who has jumper cables

41. Everyone's universal crush, Emma Watson.

42. The cranky loner

43. The poet

44. The guy who thinks he is a poet

45. The rapper

46. The one your mom is too afraid to say she doesn't like

47. The full-time sports fan

48. The cook

49. The guy who's too smart to study

50. The artist

51. The runner

52. The football player

53. The guy who eats everything

54. The Forbidden Crush

55. Any Disney prince

56. Schmidt from New Girl

57. The Twitter obsessor

58. The guy in the back of the bus

59. First place at the school talent show

60. Pizza

61. The vlogger

62. Prince Harry

63. The guy who wears too much cologne and you love it

64. Mr. Lazy

65. Batman

66. The star of the high school musical

67. The guy whose shoe is untied and is always dropping books

68. Brown Eyes

69. The most beautiful hair you've ever seen

70. Peter Parker

71. Your first love

72. The guy with all the principles

73. The guy whose clothes smell good

74. Justin Timberlake

75. The guy who Likes everything you post on Facebook

76. The guy who is so tall that it makes up for all his flaws

77. The short teddy bear

78. Muscle guy

79. The math whiz

80. Glasses Guy

81. The great singer

82. Guy with a brand new beard

83. Benedict Cumberbatch

84. Guy who has never said a word in all the years you've known him

85. Michael Cera

86. Hands in pockets guy

87. The guy who always has candy

88. The guy in a hoodie

89. The guy who you regret not flirting with more when you had the chance

90. Ed Sheeran

91. The sarcastic guy

92. The prankster

93. The guy who looks like he's always thinking really hard

94. The guy who everyone else is in love with so what the hay

95. The guy who likes space and planets

96. Stinky feet guy

97. Crappy car guy

98. The barista

99. The librarian

100. Aaron Tveit

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