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You Can Still Enter to Win a $1000 Scholarship-But Only for 12 More Days!

You Can Still Enter to Win a $1000 Scholarship-But Only for 12 More Days!

Listen up, Sparklebutts: IT'S DEADLINE TIME. Yep, you've got less than two weeks before the chance at winning the $1000 Sparklers Care scholarship is lost to you FOREVER—so what are you waiting for?

Entering couldn't be any easier; just click HERE to register, and then submit a super-short statement (200 characters or less) about to the following:

Tell us about the ONE cause you believe is (or should be) most important to your generation—whether it's education,environmentalism, health/fighting obesity,preventing bullyingsecuring human rights for allfinding a solution to homelessness, etc—and explain the ONE way you believe teens can and should support that cause.

You could write a 200-character sentence in your SLEEP, Sparkdarlings. There's no excuse not to submit—unless you're stranded on a desert island in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle with only a Twix bar and a hostile merekat population, in which case, HOW ARE YOU READING THIS?! Ha. Gotcha. The jig is up. Now go submit your statement.

Entries will only be accepted until 11:59 pm EST on June 24, so GET CRACK-A-LACKIN'! Got questions? Leave 'em in the comments for me!

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