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SparkLife Poetry Club: Summer

SparkLife Poetry Club: Summer

SUMMER IS HERE!!! Break out the water balloons, the barbeque pit, and the Doctor Who marathons, because we got three months to live, baby! Now as much as I would love to explore all the outside world has to offer me, today we're going to take a few minutes to write poems on the Internet, so as to not get overheated by the sun. That's our excuse, and we're sticking with it.

This Week's Topic: SUMMER!!
What are you going to do this year? What do you want to do this year? Or you could write about the season itself. It doesn't matter what you write—you won't be graded anyway! WOO! NO MORE SCHOOL!

Poet of the Week: Darren Criss
Okay, so he's technically a musician, but songs are poetry too! And I just returned from his summer concert tour! That's the best thing that can happen this year.

Honorable Sparklers: AutumnMooncakes, Hello_Sweetie, LiteratureLover387, radha24-totlcrzynerdwholuvsbks, screamingilyso, Smart_Girls_Play_Soccer, and wallflower19! As an extra thank you, all Sparklers who contributed are featured today! If you have time to share something about a special teacher, you can still comment on the previous post.

If you want to join the club, submit your poem and title in the comment section down below. You can also write a Sparkler Post as long as you tag your post with SPC so I can find it! If you prefer to email, just send your work to

Whoops, gotta go—I think I hear the ice cream truck!

The Best Kind of the Teacher—AutumnMooncakes
The best kind of the teacher
Is a one who’s always nice,
Who puts jokes in her lessons
And loves to break the ice.

The best kind of the teacher
Is a one who’s always strict,
Who doesn’t play favorites
And never can be tricked.

Do you know that I watch you?
I do. Every day I walk in
There you are, smiling
Grinning at our enthusiasm
Beaming at our achievements
Smiling at our antics even though you try to hide it
I watch you smile
And I see that there's something
Worth smiling about

Do you know that I listen to you?
I do. Every day I walk in
There you are, talking
Telling us about your life
Listening to ours
Laughing with us
I listen to you
And I hear that there's something
Worth laughing about

Do you know that I'm inspired by you?
I am. Every day I walk in
There you are, living
Walking with your head held high
Sharing wisdom with us
Caring about us
I see you live
And I know there's something
Worth living for

Teachers light a fire
A flame of inspiration
A red-hot winding wire
Twisted through imagination.

Teachers see the future
And they understand the past
In the winds of bleak confusion
They are strong and steady mast.

They're brave enough to guide us
Through the cold uncertain night
They weather all the strongest blows
And serve as beacon bright.


The ones who stand in front of class,
Who can make spending six hours in a room, a blast.
The ones who instruct us on what to do
While all the time, informing us about something new.

The ones who deal with all the disrespect
They don't deserve the treatment they get
But still, they've given their lives to teach
To show us all the heights we can reach.

The one who makes being in school fun
Even if you feel like all your friendships are done.
The one who makes learning so interesting
Even if ordinarily, all those lessons would be so boring.

True, all of the teachers aren't always the best
They act really mean and give difficult tests
But ultimately, however unreasonable the case
They're trying to help us make the world a better place

So when you're thinking about the teachers you've had so far
Cut them some slack, even if they're not up to par
Realize that teaching children is never really easy
Especially when you know you'll change the way they will be

So I'd like to thank all the teachers I've had
Whether they were good, or pretty bad
Because I've learned something from them, whether or not I wanted to
And I know that as I grow, they'll all have an influence on what I do.

I'll never get anywhere, you say?
I have no future?
I have no promise?
You think grades define life
but wouldn't mine speak otherwise?

Maybe I don't do well enough,
maybe I ask too many questions
(and you can't answer one).
Maybe you're trying to push me beyond
(or maybe you really just hate me).

But one day I'll show you.
One day I'll achieve more than you
could ever have dreamed of
and it will all be because of you.
(bad teachers deserve appreciation too)

I'm not a failure of a student
any more than you're a failure of a teacher
(and that's subjective).
You never taught me anything worth learning,
but you gave me something to prove.

The Best Teacher—Smart_Girls_Play_Soccer
I've learned many things throughout my life,
I've had many teachers, too.
But the most important thing I've learned
was taught to me by you.

I learned to never tell a secret
Or you might make someone cry
I learned that unless it's after C
E should never come before I.

I learned that there's thousands of atoms
Too small for us to see
And I learned that when you assume
You make an ass out of u and me.

I learned about what life was like
In mighty Greece and Rome
And I've learned that no matter how far you go
There's only one place you'll call home.

These lessons are important
But yours is greater still
For you taught me that love is something
That should be given by free will.

I've known you for what seems like forever
I'll know you till the end, because
The greatest lesson you ever taught me was
What it takes to be a friend.

I once heard
You're only as smart
As your teachers allow you to be
Because they teach what they want
You take in what they say
And then it just
(Until the next year)

But I know
You're probably smarter
Because you have more than one teacher
Teaching what they want
You hear everything everyone says
And it just adds up
(And it doesn't end)

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