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Is This Really Happening? Ed Sheeran And Lance Bass Nail The Notebook

Is This Really Happening? Ed Sheeran And Lance Bass Nail <i>The Notebook</i>

If you thought Ed Sheeran couldn't get any better, just check out what your favorite ginger crooner's been up to lately. We all know he makes the best music videos (featuring, most famously, Legos, Ron Weasley, and Taylor Swift), but he's really topped himself with this parody of The Notebook's famous(ish) argument scene. Oh, and by the way: while Sheeran plays the part of Ryan Gosling (swoon), he does it opposite the legendary pop star and almost-astronaut LANCE "TEARIN' UP MY HEART" BASS, in the role of Rachel McAdams!

We  have no idea why they decided to reenact this specific scene from this specific 2004 unrealistic romance classic, but we sure are glad they did. Check out the video below, then let us know what you think. Here are our thoughts on first watch:

1. So Lance Bass is  from Mississippi, and Ed Sheeran the U.K., but they both put on South Carolina accents that are out of control. Bass pretty much nails it, while Sheeran goes from Georgia to rapper to we don't even know what. It's awesome.

2. Dear Ed Sheeran, please turn this into your next song.

3. The still image of an old-timey car show is the perfect backdrop for this. (Remember the original scene was on a porch and then a car? We're glad they didn't go big budget.)

4. This fight is so much better with the characters laughing instead of crying. In fact, if all fights with significant others ended up this way, it'd be pretty rad.

5. When cutie Eddie starts saying "Whatchu want- whatchu-want- whatchu want," it sounds a lot like Rihanna in "Rude Boy," in a totally awesome way.

6. Lance Bass will never age. He looks totally ready to bust a move to "Tearin' Up My Heart."

[via Crushable]

What do you think about this parody? What movie scenes should Eddie and Lance re-create next?

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