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7 Ways to Have a Summer Meet Cute

7 Ways to Have a Summer Meet Cute

Merriam-Webster's online dictionary defines the term "meet cute" as "The word you've entered isn't in the dictionary." Seriously, Merriam? Seriously, Webster? Your online dictionary contains the word doodlesack, but not meet cute? To answer your next question, a doodlesack is an old English word for bagpipe.

Back to Wikipedia, which defines a meet cute as "A term sometimes used to describe a situation in film, television, etc. in which a future romantic couple meets for the first time in a way that is considered adorable, entertaining, or amusing." We've all seen meet cutes in the movies—but with our help, you'll be starring in your very own version this summer. Cue up the doodlesacks: here are 7 ways you can orchestrate your very own summer meet cute!

1. Be charmingly clumsy. We're making it official: clumsiness has officially been promoted to endearing! Walking around school with spaghetti-stained T-shirts, being attacked by exploding soda cans, stepping on a multitude of rakes, wearing spaghetti-stained pants, tripping on our own two feet: all of these clumsy calamities are about to pay off. Also, we'll just say it: it's NOT possible to elegantly consume spaghetti. It's just not.

Meet cutes thrive on clumsiness. You bump into someone, you clonk heads, and once you stare into their eyes you realize that wait a minute, you not only clonked heads, but you also clonked hearts.

2. Find an attractive archnemesis. Is someone your true archnemesis or your meet-cute archnemesis? Let's find out.

True archnemesis: They want to destroy you.

Meet-cute archnemesis: They're attractive.

True archnemesis: You have no proof, but you strongly suspect their ancestors invented homework.

Meet-cute archnemesis: You exchange witty banter and often refer to each other by last name.

3. Save someone's life. We're not saying you need to become a superhero, but then again we're not ruling it out. But since you (probably) can't fly, and capes are disproportionately expensive considering they're really just fancy towels, your best bet is assisting a (cute) stranger and then joking that you "saved their life." Eyes will meet, sparks will fly, and if you're lucky, kisses will ensue.

4. Expand your comfort zone with new activities. It's difficult to meet new people if you spend your summer indoors watching daytime television and practicing the absolute perfect way to properly pronounce Les Misérables. Unless you're looking to share a summer meet cute with a microwaveable pizza bagel, you need to get out there and partake in a few fun summer activities. May we suggest taking a class? If your answer is yes, we suggest rollerblading, cooking, writing, dancing, improv, or water balloon construction 101. An interactive class with strangers is an ideal way to meet a summer crush while also learning a new skill! (And if your answer is "no, I don't want to take a class, stop with the horrible suggestions," we recommend a class on manners.)

5. Obtain an internship at a busy office. If movies have taught me anything, it's that busy business professionals have very little time for love. If movie theaters have taught me anything, it's that strangers DO NOT like it when you sit next to them and help yourself to their popcorn. It's a large popcorn! Calm down! You weren't going to eat it all.

Working at an office with a group of single strangers is the perfect opportunity to bask in the rays of the glorious sun of meet cute find yourself smack dab in a summer meet cute. A jammed copier, a water-cooler mishap, a conference room snafu? An internship is clearly the ideal way to find love. And learn, too. But mostly the love thing.

6. Attend a carnival. Other than unkempt individuals imploring you to "Step right up," carnivals are an underrated summertime joy. Ferris wheels, haunted houses, games of chance, fireworks; they'e meet-cute magnets! Plus, and I cannot stress this enough, they have funnel cake.

7. Remember that opposites attract. A little incongruity can be a key ingredient in a summer meet cute. Though we're not saying that all opposites attract:

You: I enjoy animals.

Them: All animals are awful. You're awful; I'm awful. I don't like jellybeans, and I think rain is just something the government made up to scare us. Want to go collect seashells?

That's not exactly the perfect recipe for a meet cute, though who among us doesn't enjoy the enchantment of a spontaneous seashell hunt? It's important to keep an open mind. If you're an introverted writer, don't immediately dismiss the extroverted theater arts major, unless of course they do that annoying "sing talk" thing where they sing half of their sentences. If that's the case then yes, dismiss away.

Which summer meet-cute opportunities did we miss? Have you ever had a real-life meet cute?

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