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Quiz: Which Famous Comedian Is Your Spirit Guide?

Quiz: Which Famous Comedian Is Your Spirit Guide?

Need a guide for your heart and soul? One that when you look to him/her, you're assured that everything's gonna be okay? Take our quiz to find out which comedian is your personal sherpa.

1. Which of these pieces of clothing and accessories appeal to you most?

A. Aviator sunglasses

B. White sneakers

C. A light blue button up shirt

D. A peplum dress

E. A suit and tie

2. How would you describe your sense of humor?

A. Dry and straightforward, but will do anything for a laugh

B. Clean and observant, with a side of scaring the day lights out of people

C. Nerdy and relatable underdog, with a side of outrageous character acting

D. Physical, versatile, with a side of amazing timing

E. Dry-yet-smiley with a side of mega prankster

3. Which role do you play in your circle of friends?

A. Class clown

B. the shoulder to lean on

C. Practical and wise one

D. Girl's girl

E. Buddy/everyone's partner in crime

4. Which cause is closest to your heart?

A. Poverty and homelessness

B. Humane and ethical treatment of animals

C. Funding for the arts

D. Human rights

E. Community service and activism

5. Which animal are you most like?

A. A grizzly bear

B. A dolphin

C. An owl

D. A flamingo

E. An American bulldog

6. Which animated movie do you like best?

A. G-Force

B. Finding Nemo

C. Despicable Me

D. How To Train Your Dragon

E. Garfield

7. Which of these phrases best fits your life motto?

A. I'm awesome. Take me or leave me.

B. Be kind to one another.

C. That's what she said.

D. Keep smiling.

E. Just kidding!

If you got...

Mostly As: Zach Galifianakis is your spirit guide. You are fun-loving and unabashedly yourself. Think of someone humble but confident like Zach whenever you feel lost!

Mostly Bs: Ellen Degeneres is your spirit guide. You love others and find humor in the small things in life. Not everyone will always be so sunny, so look to Miss E when you feel negativity coming your way.

Mostly Cs: Steve Carell is your spirit guide. You're a little neurotic and nerdy but tons of fun in mega spurts. Others may call you a party pooper, but hold on to your wisdom spirit Carell when they try to bring you down.

Mostly Ds: Kristen Wiig is your spirit guide. You're versatile, lovable, and awkward. Turn your spirits to the Wiigster when you're feeling alone in your weirdness.

Mostly Es: Jimmy Kimmel is your spirit guide. You're here to have a good time! Being a prankster and hanging with your pals are among your favorite activities. You probably don't need a spirit guide since you're always laughing, but Kimmel is yours if you ever feel sour.

Who is your spirit guide?

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