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5 Internet Beauty Fails

5 Internet Beauty Fails

Looking gorgeous is not always a glorious process. Sometimes, even the techiest beauticians can't get it right. Check out five Internet beauty fails below.

1. Tori Locklear's Famous Burnt Hair Tutorial

We don't even want to try to imagine what this smelled like.

2. This Sprinkle Lip Fail

Just lick 'em up and never think about it again, girl. Never again.

3. This Nail Art Fail

Nail artists deserve a medal as far as we're concerned, and these zombie nails would be impossible for us to pull off, too.

4. The Rain-brow (and all of these other TERRIFYING EYEBROWS)

5. The "Trying to Be Ariel" Fail

You are not a mermaid. You will never whip your wet hair back and forth and be smokin'. Maybe you will... regardless, you've been warned.

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