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Taylor Swift Has Made a Music Video With Ron Weasley, We Mean Ed Sheeran!

Taylor Swift Has Made a Music Video With Ron Weasley, We Mean Ed Sheeran!

THE INNOCENCE OF CHILDHOOD IS SO FAR AWAY. Five years, at least. Remember the childlike wonder of eating sandwiches and sitting on play equipment and doing trigonasana? Taylor Swift and Ron Weasley do. In their new music video, "Everything Has Changed," the spirit animals of T-Swizzle and Ed Swoonan play together, two children of the sun with ringlets and freckles and breathable fabrics. The video is so gorgeous!!! *takes end-of-paragraph breath*

It has everything we love about Tay-Tay and Ed Faintan: Taylor not playing football, a tall girl/short guy combo, and leaves. Oh leaves. We feel like we are eight again! Remember mittens attached to scarves! Remember eating lunch! The only thing we really missed was the throwing of dirt clods—an important part of childhood, you'll agree. It also features macarons, which are very on point (...or "on Pinterest," and SOOO TAYLOR AT THE HAMPTONS)!

Plus, a mini guitar for mini Ed Sheeran. *sheds mini tear as discretely as possible*

The song shares the lilting verses of "Love Story," building to Tay's earnest/excited vocals (she does that "OH MY GOSH I WANT TO SLOW DANCE NOW!!!" vibe well, no?) as she realizes mini-Ed Sheeran is the one. Romeo and Juliet give each other crayon tattoos (still important to sketch out the design before moving to skin) and slow dance in a gym of stars, before getting picked up by their parents who turn out to be ... Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. I know! This begs the question: Can mini-Taylor and mini-Ed get their full-size dopplegangers together? Maybe, as they are touring together. All it will take is the right scheme ...

Watch the video below!

[via Crushable]

What do you think of mini-Tay and mini-Ed? <3

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