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What Your Computer Background Says About You

What Your Computer Background Says About You

Wearing your heart on your wallpaper? Turns out your background says more about you than you think!

If you have a... Default Mac Background

STOP THE INTERNET. WE GET IT. YOU'RE GOING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD. You can't be bothered to change your desktop background even though you know it will help your inner chi or whatever. BUT CHI CAN WAIT. Right now, you're focused on achieving something tangible every day. You're smart, driven, and—we think you know this already—a bit of a wackadoo.

If you have an... Inspirational Quote (probably set against a waterfall or the Grand Canyon)

You have a bit of a cookie addiction, but aside from that, you live a very balanced life. You like going on walks (or at least you’ve convinced yourself you do), and even though you're happy with yourself and your life, you always know that you can push yourself a little further or harder. You do NOT like hipsters.

If you have... Cute Animals

Your brain is the internet. You're fun, goofy, and you have the attention span of a dead duck. Why worry about details when there's so much going on?! You know how to gchat, FaceTime and text ALL AT ONCE because you are MAGICAL but also mayyyybe a little flaky. Oh, and you like animals.

If you have... Your Celebrity Crush

People say you have your head in the clouds, and to that you say, "YEAH, YOU'RE RIGHT. Where ELSE should it be?" You're imaginative, playful, and slightly dorky (in an endearing way). Though you spend most of your time daydreaming, you still, somehow, manage to keep a painted fingernail on the pulse of pop culture.

If you have a... Photo of You and Your Significant Other

You have a pretty smile and are lightyears more mature than us. In fact, you should probably be writing this post.

If you have a... Photo of You and Your Friends

YOU'RE A DEMON. Just kidding. But girl you know you got a bratty streak. Luckily you have other streaks—like loyalty, charisma, and really good hair.

If you have... Nature

You're an impressive blend of pragmatic and artistic. You could also stand to make your bed more oftensorryjustsayingggg!

If you have a... Default Windows Background

We’re so sorry that you’re still stuck using your dad’s old laptop!

What's your desktop? Did we get it right?

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