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Quiz: Are You Passive-Aggressive?

Quiz: Are You Passive-Aggressive?

Do your friends and family think you're icy cold even though you've never once had a fight? Are you the president of the Silent Treatment Club? You just might be a little P.A. Take this handy quiz to find out. Or don't... whatever. We don't care.

1. What do you think about
a. "Those notes are kind of mean!"
b. "It should just be called"
c. "I'm the founder."

2. Your mom bought you a present you despise. Which of these sound most like you?
a. Tell her you love the thought but ask if she kept the receipt.
b. Keep it, but hide it so you don't need to think about it.
c.  Smile coyly, go to your room, stomp around for a couple hours and when you come out, tell your mom nothing's wrong when she asks.

3.  Yay! You survived the first month of college. Only one issue: your roommate has not been keeping up her end of taking out the trash once a week. You...
a. Take it out for her and then mention it casually over breakfast in the dining hall. Might as well be honest and friendly about it since you'll be living together all year!
b.  Take it for her all year. And get a little annoyed every now and then when you think about it.
c. Sit in your room staring at it. When she comes in, you get up and huff around the room, tie up the bag, and storm out with it, slamming the door, of course. When you come back, glare at her, then smile sarcastically.

4. Woo-hoo! It's finally time for the big trip you planned with your BFF! You both agreed to split the gas but now it seems like that plan is out the window and you've ended up footing the bill the whole way for some reason. What do you do?
a. Mention it to her casually, but not in an accusatory way. Maybe there's something she covered that you're not accounting for.
b. Say, "What's up with that!? I know you ain't playing me for no fool!" Then reevaluate your grammar.
c. Nothing, but the friendship is over. Forever. Or at least a couple weeks.

5. Your crush finally asked you out on a date. To keep it casual, you planned to meet at the movies. He's 15 minutes late. What are you thinking?
a. "I'll give five more minutes and then call. Maybe there was an emergency!"
b. "This is definitely not ideal, but surely there's a good reason he's late. At least, there'd better be."
c. "Well, this is our first and last date. I'm leaving."

If you scored...

Mostly A's: You like to take things nice and easy, but you also face your problems head-on. You see the best in people and situations and your instinct is never to think of the worst possible scenario. Many people wish they had your outlook in life, so hold onto it! Just beware of being too trusting sometimes!

Mostly B's: You have a give-and-take personality. Though you'd like to stay positive, sometimes you see things more realistically. You'd rather deal with problems yourself rather than confront others about it, which is fine, but can bubble up frustration over time.

Mostly C's: You're the leader of the P-A Patrol. You hate confrontation but you also hate not resolving your issues. It's really hard to work with others sometimes, especially when you feel like the world is out to get you. Keep in mind that your family and friends love you and no one is perfect, and that should keep your passive-aggression in check.

How'd you do?

What do you think about Passive Agressive Notes? []
a. Those notes are kind of mean!
b. It should just be called Notes.
c. I'm the founder.
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