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7 Things to Write in Your Father's Day Card

7 Things to Write in Your Father's Day Card

Father’s Day was easy when you were a little kid. Anything you said to pops or scribbled in crayon on the card you made for him was gonna be cool. All you needed to do was write “Best Dad” or “I luv yu mor than The Wiggles” or something and put it next to a drawing of what might have been you or a dog or your dad if you squinted and looked at it long enough. You were super adorable and you could ride the cuteness train all the way to ice cream town.

While we’re sure you’re still precious in your own way, a “Happy Father’s Day!” alone isn’t going to do the trick, your still-mad Crayola skills notwithstanding. Here are some easy-to-use suggestions for great things to say or write to your dad on Father’s Day:

1. “Dad, thank you for all of your unconditional love, support and words of encouragement, even when I screw up royally. That’ll sure come in handy in college.”

2. “I’m sorry for the time I said that I wished you were more like my BFF’s dad. I only said that because he doesn’t yell along at the top of his lungs to classic rock when he gives us a ride. I love you, but really, ix-nay on the `Ivin’ On a Prayer’-lay.”

3. “I can never repay you for all of the amazing things you’ve done for me over the years. Also, I can never repay the money you loaned me for those 1D tickets. Thought you should know.”

4. “You are the best dad a kid could ever hope for. That said, can we discuss modifying my curfew?”

5. “When I fell down, you’d pick me up. When I would scrape my knee, you’d kiss it and make it better. When I took out your car and wound up getting that huge dent in it last week and didn’t tell you about it until right now, you were so cool and didn’t get mad at me at all. Right, Dad? Right?”

6. “For Father’s Day this year, my gift to you is a day without a single eye-roll or snarky comment, so long as you don’t speak, move or be in the same room as me.”

7. “Of all the dads in the world, I’m glad you’re mine, because I can’t imagine any other dad being as easy to make fun of as you.”

What are you doing for Father's Day?

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