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23 Reasons To Love Chris Colfer

23 Reasons To Love Chris Colfer

Happy 23rd birthday Double C! Here are a few (okay, 23) reasons why we're crazy about the Glee god!

1. High school football was never the same after the "Single Ladies" kick in Glee's premiere season.

2. We weren't even a tiny bit jealous when he won the Golden Globe in 2011. Joy all around.

3. He wrote and starred in a coming-of-age film with an AMAAAAZING all-star cast, including Rebel Wilson, Christina Hendricks, and Allison Janney.

4. This.

5. He makes really cute and weird drawings of cats.

6. He writes children's books!

7. So many of the greatest tearjerker scenes of Glee are Kurt-centered.

8. Like this.

9. And this.

10. Oh, and this too.

11. He has become synonymous with the anti-bullying movement of the last three years.

12. He gets down with Sarah Jessica Parker.

13. He nails both traditionally male-sung and traditionally female-sung songs.

14. According to his Wiki page, he hates needles. Who doesn't?!

15. He was an extracurricular king at Clovis High School. See? It pays to be a member of every club! (...Sometimes.)

16. He's handsome.

17. This confusing Halloween costume.

18. He's so modest!

19. This quote and the fact that it's on his IMDB Trivia page: "Favorite movie when he was little was Sister Act. He would put a pillowcase on his head and pretend to be a nun while watching the movie."

20. He's "head over heels in love with Kristin Chenoweth." Again, who isn't?

21. He completely changed the way we think of "Mr. Cellophane" forever.

22. He has some mega one-liners both in real life and on TV.

23. He's got (Sai) sword skills, so don't cross him.

Why do you love Chris Colfer?

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