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What's Your BAM Name?

What's Your BAM Name?

Isn't it cool, and maybe a bit strange, when you find someone who’s got the exact same name as you? It would be way too big a coincidence for all you wonderful Sparklers to have the same name—but what if we all had the same initials? When trying to decide what those initials would be, I realized there was only ever one possibility. B.A.M., of course. In other words, BAM! Follow the steps below to discover your BAM name!

First Name: Choose the name that corresponds to your favorite type of TV show.

Reality: Brett/Brooklyn

Action: Blake/Belinda

Sci-Fi: Brandon/Bailey

Procedural: Bruce/Beatrice

Animated: Bernard/Brandy

Comedy: Byron/Billie

Sitcom: Buddy/Brooke

Documentary: Brian/Bianca

Crime drama: Barry/Bella

Fantasy: Bram/Bellatrix

Sports: Brock/Brianna

Sketch: Bradley/Beth

Superhero: Benedict/Bronwyn

Romance: Beauregard/Bernadette

Period: Baxter/Bridgett

Educational: Benjamin/Bethany

Talk show: Bartholomew/Biana

News: Boyd/Beverly

Drama: Branson/Bristol

“I don’t watch TV.”: Beau/Britney

A little bit of everything!: Brennan/Becca

Middle Name: Choose the name that corresponds to the day of the month you were born.

1: Alex/Aurora

2: Albert/Amber

3: Andy/Astrid

4: Abraham/Alicia

5: Alexander/Anya

6: Albus/Aria

7: Allen/Alana

8: Aaron/Ashley

9: Alonzo/Audrey

10: Asher/Addison

11: Alastair/Alexandra

12: Arthur/Adele

13: Anthony/Andrea

14: Alton/Agnes

15: Austin/Ally

16: Axel/Adrianne

17: Abel/Ariel

18: Aldis/Amanda

19: Andre/Antionette

20: Aiden/Alexis

21: Ambrose/Ava

22: Arnold/Aubrey

23: Andrew/Aofie

24: Adrian/April

25: Alaric/Abigail

26: Archibald/Alora

27: Angus/Adelaide

28: Antonio/Arwen

29: Alfred/Allison

30: Adam/Althea

31: Alvin/Alice

Last Name: Choose the name that corresponds to your favorite kind of vacation.

Beach: Murray

Mountains: Mason

Camping: Morgan

Theme park: Mitchell

Water park: Moore

Big city: Masters

County cabin: Myers

Staycation: Matthews

Visit family: Morrison

Other: Mills

Post by Sydney Scott, AKA Becca Aofie Murray. What's your BAM name?

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