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Watch Out, The Friday Awards Are BACK!

Watch Out, The Friday Awards Are BACK!

Some of you may be asking "What are The Friday Awards?" Dear ones, they are a time and place to recognize those of you who have been AWESOME and kindly shared your awesomeness with us all through your comments on SparkLife. So if you weren't being awesome already (which is of course a silly proposition), get to it, cause there are Friday Awards to snag!

Others of you may be saying, "I know what the Friday Awards are! Who is this who's telling us about what we already know and love?" My name is Abbey, and I am the summer SparkLife intern! I am super excited to be here and to share in this great little community y'all got going on. I'm still pretty new to SparkLife (as in, I started here a couple of weeks ago), so please feel more than free to leave suggestions, tips, and general love in the comments!

But enough with the preamble. Without further gilding the lily, and with no more ado, I present to you THE FRIDAY AWARDS!!!!


To Dracosa goes The Best Analogy Award for his comment on this week's poetry club post:

“Technology is like salsa. It tastes good but comes back to burn you.”

Runner-up goes to LayraSparks on the Billboard Music Awards slideshow...

“Miley's jumpsuit looks like my kitchen chair.”


BEST (OOPS-I-TRIPPED-IN-THE-MIDDLE-OF-GIVING-THIS AWARD) FAUX PAS GOES TO... Dance.Girl.Sparkle on this Auntie SparkNotes post!

“ALTHOUGH I'M NOT A GREAT ROMA---- Wait. We're not breaking into song and dance? oh... okay. *takes tap shoes off awkwardly and sulks off humming show tunes*”


Best Pickup Line goes to 99_heather_99 on the ice cream pickup line post, for sheer inventiveness:

“Are you fried icecream? Cuz' you're impossibly hot.”


And some well-deserved LOL points go out to these truly entertaining Sparklers:

amustachioedabnaut for this comment on the international graduation celebrations post:

“Hi Spambot... one week ago my sister got paid $20 for washing our cars. In her shorts. It was truly incredible. Sorry I can't give you an email address, but follow the steps here:


And on the same postfeenyxblue's comment:

“Yeah, one thing I never got about graduation: we've just graduated and are supposed to be super why are we throwing hundreds of sharp pointed objects over our heads? Why?”

Couldn't tell you, feenyxblue. If I told you, I'd have to kill you, and I've put my killing days behind me.

And last but not least, some points to sohostarlight's comment on the post about the one-sentence contest:

“You know this was created by a man when the character count is only 140.”

That's all for now, Sparklers! Go forth, comment, be awesome, and I'll see you next Friday!

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