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Would You Rather: Year-End Edition

Would You Rather: Year-End Edition

It's the end of the school year, and you know what that means! Lethargic teachers who don't feel like teaching anymore and show a bunch of '90s movies instead of teaching you stuff! Annnnndddd... these Would You Rathers. Would you rather watch Anaconda in science class again, or answer these? Please say the later!

Would you rather...

Take your final exams on a desk positioned at the end of a bowling alley?

Or sitting in a tub of coleslaw? Oh, and there is a school of carp in the slaw.

Have to receive your diploma in booty shorts?

Or have to do the splits once you are handed your diploma?

Have your prom limo driver accidentally drop you off at a senior citizen hoedown (and leave you there)?

Or drop you off at your prom, but as he is a senior citizen hoedown fiddler, turns the entire prom into one huge hoedown? And all the students who hate hoedowns blame YOU?

Would you rather go to prom in an outfit covered in raw eggs?

Or have the pimple the size of the egg smack on your forehead the day of prom?

Would you rather have the end of the year school trip at a nursing home?

Or a trip to your room, where your classmates will be able to go through all your stuff?

Would you rather go to prom with a weird rash all over your face?

Or would you rather pee your pants the second you enter the dance floor?

Would you rather be three feet taller than your prom date?

Or three feet shorter?

On prom day, would you rather have eyebrows underneath your eyes?

Or have raw milk dripping from your nose?

Would you rather steal your friend’s crush for a prom date?

Or have your friend go to the prom with your crush?

Would you rather go to prom with the first person you see at school tomorrow?

Or go to prom stag?

Would you rather have to bring your triplet baby cousins to prom?

Or have the flu the whole time and you puke on the dance floor but it was dark and maybe nobody saw it?

Would you rather bring to the prom any dead historical figure?

Or Joseph Gordon-Levitt?

Answer in the comments!

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