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How to Throw an Arrested Development Theme Party

How to Throw an Arrested Development Theme Party


The release of the fourth season of Arrested Development is just days away, and we're more excited than you'll...never know. All your friends (at least the cool ones) will be gathered around their computers this Sunday, waiting to watch all 15 episodes (!) as soon as they simultaneously go live on May 26. Don't let spoilers destroy your life: instead of risking hearing about important plot details ahead of time (will Buster lose his other hand? Will God eat spicy club sauce?), consider throwing a marathon watching party! Even if it ends up being a party of one, with Arrested Development as the theme, you know you’re going to have a good time. Here's what you need to do to throw a party that could one-up any one of Lindsay Bluth's charity balls:

1. Make sure you've got Netflix. This is definitely the most important part of the plan. No Netflix equals no Arrested Development equals enraged party guests.

2. Stock Up on the Right Foods. Instead of chips, dip, and soda, serve Bluth family favorites, such as cornballs, hot ham water, and mayoneggs. If those sound gross, it's because they are. So consider adding other, more popular show favorites such as unlimited juice boxes, ice cream sandwiches, frozen bananas, and chicken wings to the menu.

3. Figure out your viewing schedule. You could sit down for a 15-episode marathon, or you could break the season down into 3-episode chunks, scheduling in bathroom breaks and trips to the kitchen. Either way, I strongly recommend finishing all the episodes in one day. May 27 is Memorial Day, so it’s not like you've got to be somewhere.

4. Know your fellow audience members. In other words, everyone invited to your awesome party is required to have already seen the previous three seasons and understand all the jokes. If they look at you blankly when you say, "There's always money in the banana stand," then maybe you should consider finding new friends.

5. Don't forget mood music. Spotify has some excellent character-based mixes to play leading up to the main event and to keep spirits up during bathroom breaks. But let's face it: music isn’t really that important, considering that there’s an ENTIRE NEW SEASON that needs watching!

How excited are you for the new season of Arrested Development?

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