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25 Rejected Slogans for Summer

25 Rejected Slogans for Summer

By now you've most likely fished out your shorts and rotating fan. Summer is staring us in the face like a hungry puppy in a store window. The next three months are what we live for: beautiful weather, carefree days, and great entertainment. To sum up the season with one slogan is difficult. We decided to share some of the ones that didn't make the cut in the hopes that we might find the perfect one some time before the end of August.

Summer '13: Fall in Love with Your Air Conditioner All Over Again

Summer '13: Bikinis, Barbecues, and Billy Bob Thorton

Summer '13: True Love Will Find You, But Not Before that Sunburn Goes Away

Summer '13: The One You'll Remember for the Mediocre Sequel to The Hunger Games

Summer '13: A Road Trip to Remember, A Rest Stop Bathroom to Forget

Summer '13: You Smell That?


Summer '13: That Job With Your Cousin Is Sounding Worse and Worse

Summer '13: When the Days are Long, But the Days in Summer School Are Even Longer

Summer '13: Now with LESS Urine in the Pool!

Summer '13: Cannonball Your Way Into Someone's Heart

Summer '13: #IAmSweatingThroughMyShirt

Summer '13: Cut Someone In Line at Disney World For the First Time All Over Again

Summer '13: Because Prom Kinda Sucked, Right?

Summer '13: Facebook All Night. Sleep All Day.

Summer '13: Time To Show Most of My Body To Strangers


Summer '13: A Day at the Beach, A Week of Getting Sand Out of Your Butt Crack

Summer '13: The Time Is Now…To Break Up With Your Boyfriend Before College

Summer '13: Sunglasses Indoors, Flabby Body Parts Outdoors

Summer '13: Your Dad Won't Stop Cursing Out His Tomato Plants

Summer '13: You'll Never Remember Eating What You Just Threw Up at Six Flags

Summer '13: 2 Months of Nothin' But Nothin'

Summer '13: Your Bathing Suit Is Officially Underwear

Summer '13: 1 Crush, 2 Crush, He Knows, You Blush

What's your slogan for Summer '13?

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