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The Best and Worst Excuses for Getting Out of a Party or a Social Situation

The Best and Worst Excuses for Getting Out of a Party or a Social Situation

By Sean McCarthy

We’ve all been at a party when we're tired, or just want to leave and go home or do something else but don’t want to be rude. Here are some examples of the best and worst excuses to get you out of a party or social situation.


“I have to be up early tomorrow so I can volunteer at my soup kitchen.”

“Sorry, if the President doesn’t call every two hours I get worried.”

“Some displaced baby tigers are staying in my house, and I have to make sure they have a hot meal.”

“I have shown you all I can about how to party. Now you must teach the others.”

“I have to go do more to ensure that Tibet will be free.”

“If I could stay I would, but I know there are people out there who don’t know how beautiful they are.”

“I kind of told my Bangladeshi friend I’d oversee the paperwork for a microcredit loan for him.”


“I never got a chance to watch every episode of One Tree Hill so I gotta get on that."

“I just saw my crush making out with a potato.”

“I’d love to stay longer but I’d rather go home and sit by myself than talk to you.”

“Someone just called the police. That someone is me.”

"The toilet seat here makes me feel so funny."

“Hateful comments on YouTube videos don’t write themselves.”

“I threw up somewhere and I’m gonna leave before someone makes me clean it."

What's your excuse?

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