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What Your Favorite Cereal Says About You

What Your Favorite Cereal Says About You

Cereal is a ritual. We grow up wiping the crust out from our eyes, sleepily walking into the kitchen, and having a mammoth gallon of milk tipped over a bowl of the sweet stuff. As we get older, cereal finds it's way into various hours of the day. There's the midnight bowl after a shift at Applebee's, or the afternoon bowl following a tough day of chemistry class. With all the colors of the rainbow represented on supermarket shelves, we decided to look at some of your favorite cereals to see what that might say about you.

If you love... Lucky Charms
If variety is the spice of life, Lucky Charms is your cereal. You most likely crave options and appreciate each one... okay, most of them. The cereal version of New Orleans gumbo, L.C.s are a perfect mish mosh of red balloons, purple horseshoes, blue moons, and other assorted marshmallow rewards. You also understand that with great rewards, comes great responsibility... in the form of toasted oat-based pieces.

If you love... Cheerios
An all-American classic, most of us get weaned on Cheerios at an early age. Most of us reached for those oat O's on a highchair tray with a sticky 2-year old hand. Those who still love Cheerios are either traditionalists (think collars and simple pearls) or vintage chic (thrift store vest and dad's old, super soft t-shirt). When you love Cheerios, everything old is new. Power is in history, and you're totally cool with that.

If you love... Cocoa Puffs
Much like it's mascot, Sonny the Cuckoo Bird, you, too, might be a little wild and crazy if you tip a box of these cocoa-flavored pellets. We don't hold it against anyone who nurtures his or her inner buffoon. If you do, in fact, go cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, we ask that you do so responsibly and not bounce all over the room like Sonny might.

If you love... Cap'n Crunch
You have natural leadership qualities, and are as hard-working the Cap'n himself. It takes a lot to munch through a spoonful of The Crunch. Your teeth are working overtime as those deceptively sweetened bits of cereal shred the roof of your mouth. You clearly see a job all the way through and are not afraid to make sacrifices to get it done.

If you love... Fruity Pebbles
If this is your cereal of choice, then you are probably very COLORFUL and LOUD and VIBRANT! Fruity Pebbles famously leak a stupendous rainbow of flavor into your milk and there's a good chance you leak your own flavor into The Milk of Life. We applaud your boldness as evidenced by your choice of Fruity Pebbles. (Or, maybe you're just a big Flintstones fan.)

If you love... Count Chocula
The Count is your mascot for your dark side. His cereal is your fuel. As such, you are either secretly or overtly nurturing your dark side. Count Chocula seems to laugh in the face of vampire stereotypes. "Vampires can't face the sun," he might say, "BUT I WILL ENJOY BREAKFAST ANYWAY." You, like Count Choc, are a bold and brazen enigma.

If you love... Cinnamon Toast Crunch
We can't be too sure, but it is possible the sugar rush from a bowl of CTC can provide electricity for the entire state of Maine. The overload of cinnamon and sugar might suggest you, too, are very sweet and kind to others. Maybe the crunch means there are rough edges to you people don't know about, but it is your affection for others that dominates your personality.

If you love... Corn Flakes
This cereal has been around for what seems like forever. Are you the type of person to indulge in a bowl of Corn Flakes? If so, you might be the quiet type. Maybe you're the shy one of the group 'cuz if there's anything we've learned, it's that Corn Flakers never admit to being fans of the cereal. It is their little secret, and they are okay with that.

If you love... Oatmeal/Cookie Crisp
Why did we put these two together? Because they are the Yin and Yang of breakfast cereal. One is the ultimate in a healthy breakfast; the other is the Unofficial Junk Food Champion. Dig in to a hot bowl of oatmeal before running a few miles OR dig in to a bowl of Cookie Crisp if you wanna sit on your porch and watch those joggers run by. Either way, you're pretty awesome.

Which are you?

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