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Ice Cream Pickup Lines

Ice Cream Pickup Lines

If you ever meet someone who doesn’t like ice cream, DO NOT TRUST THEM. That's free advice from us to you. Perhaps the greatest thing ever in the whole entire world, ice cream is impossible not to love.

We decided to give life to those luscious mouthfuls of awesome and write some pickup lines to use on ice cream, or that ice cream may (or may not) use on each other.

"It must be hot in here…'cuz you're making me melt. Seriously, I'm disappearing."

"Call me a dentist…'cuz you are FULL OF RUSTY NAILS. Just kidding, you're too sweet."

"One scoop of me, plus one scoop of you, equals a big bowl of cute."

"Lick me, I'm mint!"

"Baby, I want you to be the Baskin to my Robbins, the Ben to my Jerry, my Dairy Queen... of Queens."

"You put the 'hot' in hot fudge sundae."

"You can't spell Ice Cream without 'M-E'!"

"Baby, you must've just been churned…'cuz you are looking so fresh."

"If you're Rocky Road, then I would love to pave you."

"You're so smooth you're making me lose my chips!"

"I'm not here to play mind games. Except brain freeze."

"Cone me."

"I brought you a small spoon…in case you wanted to sample my flavor."

"I must be made of pecan pralines…'cuz I am NUTS for you!"

"When it comes to building our own sundae, I say we hold the cherry…and each other."

"Every time I see you, I feel my cream get whipped, my banana get split, and my spoon get licked."

"Your serve is so soft, but your cone is so firm."

"Some people call them sprinkles. Some call them jimmies. I call them OBSTACLES on the path from me to you!"

"I scream, you scream, we both scream 'cuz we were meant to be together. ☺"

What else did one ice cream scoop say to the other?

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