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6 Ideas for Broken Jewelry

6 Ideas for Broken Jewelry

What do you do when your most prized accessories fall apart or break? Make lemonade! Or other things...

Things You Might Need:

Jewelry pliers

A Hot glue gun

Clear necklace cord

1. Fix it! Sometimes a broken clasp or string is not the end of the world. Pick up a new clasp or necklace cord at your local craft store, follow these instructions, and it's like it never happened.

2. Craft a picture frame. You can easily dress up a photo frame to look cluttered and collaged or perfectly polished with a subtle embellishment. Take that plain black frame you've always hated and dress it up by hot gluing the back of a fallen charm from a bracelet or necklace. Oh you fancy, huh? If you want to go for the collage look, start accumulating lots of "flair" (buttons, rhinestones, toys, candy hearts, other pieces of broken jewelry) and hot glue it all over the frame.

3. Make a magnet. Want your fridge to look a little less Betty Crocker and a lot more Coco Chanel? Take your old broken broaches and necklace charms and hot glue them to magnet circles. You can find them at a craft store. Looks way better than the real flat and boring real estate agent ad mags your parents collect, ermayerite?

4. Make a broach. Make jewelry from jewelry! Got a single bold statement earring? Attach it to a safety pin or a jewelry pin that you can purchase at a craft store. Pin it on a cardigan and wear it on picture day! Or, whenever. You know.

5. Make a thumbtack. Got a ton of earrings that have lost their mates? Pluck 'em into a cork board/ bulletin board and never look back. You can also glue random rhinestones and tiny charms to regular thumbtacks, too.

6. Place it in a shadow box. Got a piece of jewelry that looks better when you're not wearing it? Create a shadow box full of mementos and trinkets that mean something to you. This is what we like to call "classy hoarding."

What ideas did we miss?

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