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Which Disney Sidekick Are You?

Which Disney Sidekick Are You?

In the (Disney) movie of our lives, we all think we're the princess. But every once in a while, you gotta play the sidekick. Take this zippity-doo-dah of a quiz to find out which one you are.

1. What would your friends say your biggest flaw is?

a. A loud mouth.

b. Forgetfulness.

c. They say I'm way too bossy.

d. Sometimes my voice is too high and they can't understand me, especially when I get really excited about something.

e. My crazy temper.

2. What would they say is your best attribute?

a. Loyalty.

b. Optimism.

c. Wisdom.

d. My willingness to always help.

e. My many talents.

3. Which of these do you value the most?

a. Success.

b. New experiences.

c. Safety.

d. My close friends.

e. Family.

4. What's your relationship with your BFF like?

a. We look out for each other a lot and keep our eyes on the prize.

b. We stick together through thick and thin and accept each other's flaws.

c. He/she is like a hot air balloon and I'm like the anchor. We balance each other out.

d. We get along all the time and always help each other. Basically, we've got a perfect relationship.

e. We fight a lot, but always have the best time and love each other deep down.

5. Which of these choices is the closest to your paradise?

a. A room full of gold.

b. A water aerobics class with lots of people to talk to.

c. A house with everyone you love inside, safe and sound. Under water.

d. A utopian society with beautiful princesses, castles, and no ugly, mean villains.

e. Surfing with my best friend or rocking out to awesome music together, laughing.

6. Which of these celebrities do you identify with the most?

a. Joan Rivers.

b. Ellen Degeneres.

c. Emma Watson.

d. Kristin Chenoweth.

e. Rebel Wilson.

Aaaaaand the results!

Mostly As: You're Iago from Aladdin. You squawk a lot, but get the job done. Some might call you greedy, but they forget sometimes how loyal you can be.

Mostly Bs: You're Dory from Finding Nemo. Some people unfairly call you a ditz, but you actually just dive into life head-first. You're completely fine being out of your comfort zone, but sometimes can get ahead of yourself.

Mostly Cs: You're Sebastian from The Little Mermaid. You are wise, bossy, and have got it together. Some might say you need to loosen up a bit, and they're probably right.

Mostly Ds: You're Pip from Enchanted. Funny, helpful, and willing to take the heat for others, you're the ultimate sidekick everyone wish they had. It doesn't hurt that you're super adorbs too.

Mostly Es: You're Stitch, from Lilo and Stitch. Messy, easily angered, and wild, some might find you hard to get along with. But once they get to know you, most people have the time of their lives whenever they hang out with you.

Did we nail it? Which sidekick are you?

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