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What's Your Author Name?

What's Your Author Name?

This name game is compiled from famous authors’ and poets’ names, some who wrote renowned classics and others who crafted beloved modern-day bestsellers. Just follow the steps, find your new pseudonym, and write away!

First Name: Choose the name that corresponds with the month your mother was born.

January: Ernest/Carson

February: Alistair/Gertrude

March: Walt/Joanna

April: Edgar/Margaret

May: Herman/Flannery

June: Roald/Louisa

July: Oscar/Virginia

August: Tennessee/Gwendolyn

September: Clive/Phyllis

October: Ralph/Maya

November: Bernard/Beatrix

December: Mark/Agatha

Middle Name: Choose the name that corresponds with your astrological sign.

Aries: Geoffrey/Zora

Taurus: Louis/Maria

Gemini: Blake/Jane

Cancer: Nathaniel/Grace

Leo: Henry/Christie

Virgo: Neil/Edna

Libra: Scott/Emily

Scorpio: William/Anne

Sagittarius: Stephen/Stephanie

Capricorn: Harper/Charlotte

Aquarius: Dean/May

Pisces: Waldo/Willa

Last Name: Choose the name that corresponds with the color of your shirt.

White: Orwell

Black: Stine

Red: Eliot

Orange: Tolkien

Yellow: Seuss

Green: Woolf

Blue: Lovecraft

Purple: Rowling

Grey: Bronte

Pink: Wells

Multi/Patterned: Hemingway

Other: Fitzgerald

None: Wilde

By Sydney Scott AKA Beatrix Anne Woolf! What's your author name?

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