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The Piglet v. Bunny Final: Which One Would You Cuddle Harder?


This is it, Sparklers. All the "awwws" and "OMGs" and "stop it, I can't handle its" and imaginary snuggles and begging of your parents to get you a bunny or a piglet have lead us here. Which cuddly critter is spring's cutest? Choose carefully because the others will be killed. JUST KIDDING. Relax. They will all live out their adorable lives frolicking together in a sunshiney meadow.

Topics: Life
Tags: slideshows, bunnies, vote, piglets

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Kathryn Williams is the author of three YA novels but only one with an Oxford comma in the title. She is a Taurus and hates writing bios. Check out her website,, and follow her on Twitter @kathrynwauthor.

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