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How To Summer-Fy Your Life

How To Summer-Fy Your Life

It's going to be hot soon. Really, really hot. And although that sounds really fun and appealing right now, especially compared to all the finals, graduation prep, AP testing, and locker cleaning you're going through, there will be a moment that you will think, "WHY IS MY BODY MELTING OFF OF MY SKELETON? I HATE YOU, SUMMER!" Here are some life hacks, tricks, and things to remember this year to summer-ize yourself.

1.Hot child, smoothie in the city (or wherever)!
Frozen fruits, y'all. They're the best. You can freeze bananas and make a healthy version of ice cream with them. You can freeze grapes and they're like little mini delicious popsicles sans corn syrup. You can make an amazeballs smoothie that will cool you down and fill you up every day of the summer with tons of FROZEN FRUITS. In June/July/August, there is no other way to consume fruit.

2. Hair Dryer? More Like a HAY/C Unit. Get it?
All hair dryers, or almost all hair dryers, have a cool setting. It may take a little longer to dry your hair, but 1) this is good for your hair since heat practically slaughters the strands, and 2) it will not make you sweat. Who wants to do their hair and then still be covered in perspiration everywhere else afterwards? Not you, friend. Not you.

3.  Even better, don't dry your hair at all.
There are so many ways to do your hair without a dryer. One way is to roll your car windows down and let the air outside have its way with you. Leave your style up to fate and see how it turns out. You can also wash your hair, pin it in a bun, and leave it. Or hours later, undo it and you'll have beach waves. Magic.

4. Learn how to make cool, filling salads.
Salads aren't just greens and tomatoes, guys. Start incorporating quinoa, couscous, barley and herbs, nuts, fruits, and veggies into salads. Make them the night before, store them in the fridge, and the next day you have a filling and chilling lunch to nosh on. Plus, your digestive system will thank you for all the grains.

5. Then learn how to make gazpacho.

COLD SOUP, Y'ALL. Usually, it's tomato-based, but there are all kinds of variations, like strawberry and watermelon.

6. Take cold showers after exercising.
If you're used to long, hot sunny runs in the afternoon that rival any 20 minutes in a spa's hottest steam room, then treat your bod to a freezing cold shower. It sounds scary at first and it might be a little terrifying to begin with, but it will feel SO WONDERFUL. That's why they say, "Once you go cold shower, you never go back!" Do they say that? No. Oh well.

7. Infuse your water.
You're going to be drinking lots of H20 so you might as well spice things up by adding a little flavor to it. Slice up lemons, cucumbers, strawberries, mint leaves, or anything you want really (well, maybe not chocolate), add it to a pitcher, and drink up!

8. Go to a midnight showing of a summer blockbuster.
Got a crazy-amazing (AKA, craymazing) movie you're looking forward to? Buy tickets with your friends in advance and see it premiere at midnight. It makes the experience ten times more memorable because everyone else there will be as stoked as you are. Plus, you'll get to see it FIRST, which is always a bonus. Just make sure you don't have anything pressing the next day or your morning will be more miserable than the cast of, well... Les Miserables.

9. Carry bandages and maybe even some antibiotic healing aid.
Summer brings injury so don't forget to keep some first aid help with you all the time. Bee stings, bug bites, and awesome new sandals and flip-flops that terrorize your tootsies will happen to you and most likely when you're not prepared, so BEE PREPARED, okay!?

1o. On nights that you're not having a blast with friends, READ.
That leisure summer reading list is not going to read itself and that summer required list definitely isn't. Don't fall to your usual August crunch-time to get your reading done. Reading before bed instead of Netflixing helps to get you relaxed. Plus, it may bring you pleasant dreams, depending on the material.


What will you do to have a good summer?

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