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Auntie SparkNotes: Updates! All of the Updates!

Auntie SparkNotes: Updates! All of the Updates!

It's our favorite time of year here at the Secret Underground Lair of Auntie SparkNotes: the time when advice-seekers past write in to update the Sparkletariat on the outcome of their problems! And today, we've got tons of really good news (and one bit of not-so-good news, but it might still work out.) Ready? Let's check in!

The girl who'd become an unwilling ally to her slut-shaming, self-righteous friend decided to take matters into her own hands before her letter went up, but she wrote back anyway to tell us that:

My friends and I had all decided to confront Sally about her awful behaviour, and it didn't go particularly well. There was a lot of name calling, and yelling, and by the end of it all, Sally was no longer friends with any of us. Even though she turned out to be such a [expletive], it still hurt a bit, because we used to be so close and all. But your reply to my letter, and all the the comments, made me realize that no one should ever be treated like that, and that my friends and I deserve to hang around people who aren't judgmental [expletives].

And good news from the letter-writer whose fickle college crush we dubbed "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Douchebag":

Your wise words combined with the passage of time made me realize that this guy's a booger. No, really. I don't even care about him anymore. If I see him, I don't react at all, whereas he's still acting like a little princess about the whole thing (and I honestly don't even remember what we had our falling-out over). So he's out, and I don't give five craps about it. ALSO, I've recently started seeing a new guy! Not only is this guy much more mature (and cute), but he treats me waaaaayyyyyy better than The Princess ever did.

And more good news from the college student who wasn't sure if she should ask her BF to quit smoking:

I feel much more confident in my ability to relationship, which is a real comfort as it's something I've really tried to work on over the past few years, especially with regard to being a control freak. I decided I am okay if he smokes as long as he doesn't smell like smoke (in other words, he needs to take a shower between smoking and seeing me). This way, I feel like I am providing him with a little more freedom from my emotions and wants. Compromise, yay!


From the girl whose dad had a secret girlfriend:

I chose not to confront my dad, but I did try and understand that my dad had a reason for not yet telling us and that when it was worth telling us he would. But one day though my curiosity got the best of me and I looked on her profile. She's engaged. To my dad. I haven't been introduced to her even as a friend. Confrontation to come this weekend when I go visit him. This sucks.

Ugh, it totally does—but maybe things will be better once you guys all talk it out. (Let us know how it goes?)

Speaking of parents, the internship-seeking Sparkler who was planning to crash with her boyfriend all summer wrote in with some happy news, and a note to all of YOU, too:

Sadly, everything started out the way I thought it would: my dad sent me a long email explaining the cash deficit he felt I would be getting into and basically warning me against it. But the next week, my dad sent me another email in which he said: "If you can figure out how to break even, I’d say do it. Mummy still doesn’t like the idea of her daughter being in the big, bad city of New York. I’m not a huge fan of it either, but you’re now 19 and making your own decisions is part of growing up." I guess I should have given my parents a bit more credit! (To the Sparkler Community: I read every single comment on that post, and I was thoroughly amazed that your number one concern for me ended up being a new Auntie post. Thankfully, my parents are not the type to pull the plug on college funding. To all of you who have such ruthless parents... I can't say I'm sorry enough.)

(Also, if anyone has a line on an NYC internship for her, she says to please speak up.)

The letter-writer with the leech-like, toxic friend wrote back to say that after a whole bunch more drama...

I guess the inevitable happened. Claire’s a crappy friend and, as you predicted, I’m not the only one who’s noticed. Although it will be awkward when spring vacation ends, I’m pleased to be relatively free of her.

And we are relatively pleased for you! Meanwhile, the girl with the Shakespearean prom conundrum went ahead and said yes to the guy who asked her (which prompted a Facebook fit on the part of her friend, who liked him. Such is life). Also, she says:

We are kind of dating now.

...You sneaky minx. (But seriously, good for you.) And finally, a happy outcome for the girl whose friend was obviously, silently, perpetually crushing on her, who took the plunge and let him know via text that she just wanted to keep things friendly:

I texted him late one evening, and the next morning his response was something along the lines of "Um, okay? So... what's up?" It was awesome, because he got to save face, and he obviously wasn't upset! He's back home now, and he's started dating a girl we went to high school with. I'm very happy for him, and only had a little pang of jealousy there in the beginning which I decided was fine if I kept it to myself.

Which is exactly right! And UGH, I'm SO proud of you guys. All this maturity and decency and good communication warms the cockles of the small, shriveled, petrified raisin that is my heart. *Sniff*. And with that, it's weekend party time! Happy happy Friday, internieces and internephews. And if you're a letter-writer with an update, remember to send it to me at Hugs!

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