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50 Horrible Nicknames for Your Significant Other

50 Horrible Nicknames for Your Significant Other

Summer love is right around the corner. After exams, prom, and the celebratory backflips on the last day of school, a lot of us might find ourselves in the suntanned arms of a boyf or girlf. As much as love can be fun for you, it can be downright strange for everyone around you. Case in point: the nicknames we use to declare our affection. Avoid this list and you will avoid scrunched up eyebrows and dry heaving from those around you:

  1. Shmoopie Poops
  2. Cuddle Flood
  3. Stink Butt
  4. Butter Lips
  5. Dork Fried Rice
  6. Runt Nugget
  7. Potato Butt
  8. Sugar Tush
  9. Fox Rox
  10. Muffin Breath
  11. Kitten Scratch
  12. Berry Pants
  13. Owl Nose
  14. Clumsy Face
  15. Clown Frown
  16. Weird Beard
  18. Lil' Fluffer Nutter Bird
  19. Veal Mouth
  20. Plum Cheeks
  21. Bunny Puke
  22. Sweet Teeth
  23. Silky Rolls
  24. Star Fart
  25. Skinny Cow
  26. Mustard Cheeks
  27. Lamb Goth
  28. Turnip Kiss
  29. Melon Belly
  30. Puppy Cake Head
  31. Cuddle Buffet
  32. Heart Sucker
  33. Nasty Baby Fox
  34. Burger King
  35. My Boo-merang
  36. Scooter Toots
  37. Dolphin Blob
  38. Bell Dinger
  39. Daisy Duke
  40. Shnuffle Bag
  41. Wax Bean
  42. Mouse Lick
  43. Hug E. Fresh
  44. Banana Nanna
  45. Turtle Burp
  46. Snuggle Factory
  47. Kissy Wissy
  48. Facebook Cookie
  49. Sticky Toes
  50. Whale Nose

What's the worst thing you've called an SO?

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