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En Route To Prom, Teens Save Lives, Wipe Blood Off Dresses, Ain't No Thang

En Route To Prom, Teens Save Lives, Wipe Blood Off Dresses, Ain't No Thang

Close your eyes. Well, I mean, keep them open them to read this. Now imagine you are in your limo on the way to prom. Your nails are did, your hair has been festooned into the shape of bakery items, and you're thigh-to-thigh with your crush on a faux-leather seat. You don't need extra stuff going awry right now. It's your night. Well, you're not getting married, that will be your night. But this is pretty major.

Suddenly, the limo comes to a screeching halt, narrowly missing a flipped van with five adults and two kids trapped inside. What do you do? Do you immediately call 911 and start pulling people out of the van? I'd like to think we all would, but I'm really not sure. You have to admit that some teens would be so fixated on getting to the big event that they woud act like they're being inconvenienced.

When this same scenario happened to twenty Florida teens, they rushed into action, calling the police and helping the people out of the van, possibly saving their lives. Then, as soon as they were sure everyone was safe, they got in the limo and drove straight to prom. One student, Krista Pulcini, "had blood all over her gown" but washed it off like it was a Dr. Pepper stain. No big deal. Just another day in the life of a teen hero.

The injured were taken to a nearby hospital and are expected to fully recover.

Doesn't it make you feel a little good inside? Maybe the future of our country is in good shape, after all.

What would you have done if this happened on the way to your prom?

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