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What's Your Percy Jackson Name?

What's Your Percy Jackson Name?


My little brother has been nagging me to read The Lightening Thief for the last year. And with the newest installment of the film series coming out soon, I figured I should at least check it out. So I gave in and read the first book. And while reading, I came across some pretty cool names. Hence, this name game! Just follow the instructions below to find out your Percy Jackson name and what type of mythical creature you are!

First Name: Choose the name that corresponds to your favorite Greek god.

Zeus: Malcolm/Clarisse

Hera: Connor/Gwendolyn

Aphrodite: Alabaster/Elizabeth

Apollo: Bobby/Laurel

Ares: Grover/Bianca

Artemis: Mitchell/Rachel

Athena: Leo/Thalia

Demeter: Castor/Julia

Dionysus: Gabe/Hazel

Hades: Nico/Drew

Hecate: Tristan/Piper

Heracles: Octavian/Reyna

Hephaestus: Ethan/May

Hermes: Luke/Lacy

Persephone: Tyson/Annabeth

Poseidon: Percy/Esperanza

Other: Dakota/Katie

Last Name: Choose the name that corresponds to your favorite month.

January: di Angelo

February: Dare

March: Jackson

April: McLean

May: Nakamura

June: Grace

July: Castellan

August: Levesque

September: Zhang

October: Chase

November: Valez

December: Underwood

Creature/Species: Choose the type of creature that corresponds to the last digit of the year you were born.

0: Demigod

1: Human

2: Centaur

3: Cyclops

4: Sorcerer/Sorceress

5: Oracle

6: Minotaur

7: Fury

8: Satyr

9: Spirit

Post by Sydney Scott AKA Thalia Chase, Sorceress! What's your Percy Jackson name? Do you love the Percy Jackson series?

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