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The Sexy Dudes (and Lovely Ladies!) of Star Trek: Into Darkness

2013 Getty Images/Stuart C. Wilson/ Pictures


By now, you surely know that Star Trek: Into Darkness (alternatively titled "I WANT TO FACE-KISS ALL THESE SPACE MEN") hits theaters tomorrow at midnight. If you weren't aware of that fact, you're no friend of Benedict Cumberbatch, and therefore, no friend of mine. Go watch Seasons 1 and 2 of BBC Sherlock and get back to me when you've developed a suitably crippling crush on Mr. Cumberbaby's cheekbones. 

BACK? GOOD. Then let's get down to business. This movie not only looks EXCELLENT and AWESOMELY GEEKY and FULL OF EXPLOSIONS, it also happens to feature three of the hottest guys ever to don Trekkie costumes—Chris Pine (the rakish, wise-cracking Captain James Tiberius Kirk), Zachary Quinto (the Vulcan genius/heartbreaker Spock) and the aforementioned Benedict (aka bad guy extraordinaire Khan). Let's celebrate their absurd good looks and the imminient release of this epic film with a little slideshow of drool-worthy premiere pics. LIVE LONG AND PROSPER, SPARKLERS. 

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