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Post-Baby Adele Songs We'd Love to Hear

Post-Baby Adele Songs We'd Love to Hear

"Warm My Heart"
Part two of "Melt My Heart to Stone" from 19, this will be a love song to the two men in her lives—hubbie Simon Konecki and baby Angelo. Instead of a horrible someone melting her heart to stone, it will be it will be wonderful someones warming her heart to...a cup of milk? A cozy comforter? A kitten's paw?

"Rolling in the Dough"
Like "Rolling in the Deep," except so so so much more fun (now that she's a bajillionaire mama).

"Rocking in My Arms"
Another alternative to "Rolling in the Deep," this is about a baby rocking in your arms. Instead of massive pain and bottomless vengeance, we're talking infinite happiness, pure joy and a liiiitle spit up.

"Sing It Again"
A  sassy, mid-tempo power anthem like "Rumour Has It" about getting her voice back after vocal chord surgery.

We'll never know if Adele's husband ended up being the "Someone Like You" she sang about in her massive hit, but does that even matter anymore?  Who needs a "Someone Like You" when there's an actual "You." Confused? So are we. Love is complicated.

"Feet On The Ground"
No more pavement chasing for this down-to-earth lady. A post-Skyfall Adele is firmly on two feet both in her career and personal life.

Do you think artists are better or worse when they have happy personal lives?

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