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20 Reasons Jaden Smith Might Want To Be Emancipated From His 'Rents

20 Reasons Jaden Smith Might Want To Be Emancipated From His 'Rents

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What do you think is the coolest gift to bring to someone’s 15th birthday party? A car? (But the birthday boy can’t drive yet?) A refrigerator filled with Dr. Pepper? A wallaby? Jaden Smith, son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, already knows what he wants, and you can’t get it at Urban Outfitters. Jaden wants to be emancipated from his parents.

Maybe Jaden thinks that emancipated kids live life like it’s Home Alone every day. Inappropriate movies! Ice cream for breakfast! Sledding down the stairs! But any homeowner would remind him that owning a home is more like Little House On The Prairie with electricity and a Swiffer. It’s easier, because there are toilets, but somebody has to clean those toilets.

Then again, Jaden has millions of dollars and probably won’t be the one cleaning those toilets. People probably pay him to clean his toilets because he’s such a super star. So why would you want to free yourself from living in a Malibu mansion with to of the supposedly coolest parents ever? We thought of 20 possibly reasons:

1. Jaden’s getting tired of having to rap battle his dad before he’s allowed to go out to play.

2. Will’s ego is so big it’s taking up the entire house.

3. Jaden is sick of getting yelled at for eating food for pleasure and wants to live in a home where the fridge is stocked with more than just protein, leafy greens, and healthy carbs.

4. Jaden is sick of getting whipped by Willow’s hair, first physically, now metaphorically.

5. Jaden has literally been gifted everything under the sun and empancipation is the only thing he doesn’t have.

6. Jaden is sick of eating all of his peas.

7. Jaden is currently in The Pursuit of Happyness.

8. Jaden literally has no idea what to do with millions of dollars.

9. Jaden wants to open a daycare center in his home… for his friends.

10. Jaden’s parents are too cool and he wants to emancipate himself so he can discipline himself, embarrass himself, and do other uncool things that normal parents do.

11. Or maybe his parents are actually just really embarrassing him.

12. Will Smith did the whole “Jaden and Kylie Jenner Sittin’ In A Tree…” one too many times.

13. Jaden is about to go all Henry David Thoreau and wants to live in a cabin in the woods alone forever.

14. Like father, like son. Jaden wants to move with his Auntie and Uncle to Bel Air.

15. Jada told him to clean his room and instead he was like, “I’ll just move out.”

16. He wants to move into a home located in a better school district. (THIS IS THE FUNNIEST ONE ON THIS LIST.)

17. Jaden is sick of sharing the Smith’s “mediation room” in the family’s Malibu home.

18. Will snores realllllly really loud.

19. Jaden thinks living among “intimate spaces, organic forms, and handcrafted details” is booooorrrrrinnnggggggg.

20. Anyone who can do this shouldn’t have to live under his parents’ roof.

Why do you think he wants to be emancipated? Would you want to be?

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