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16 Signs You're WAY Too Ready for Summer

16 Signs You're WAY Too Ready for Summer

OK, so you technically know it's still spring, but somehow that hasn't stopped you from being totally obsessed with getting ready for summer. And although it might technically still be allergy season, you can also basically feel the days getting longer and your teachers getting boring-er. This means that although summer is on the way, it's technically not here yet. So take a break from blowing up your favorite pool floaties, and check out...

16 Signs You're WAY Too Ready for Summer:

1. You've already made your beach playlist. And it is loooooong. Like, all of J. Timb's new album is on there. Twice.

2. You bought five new swimsuits and you stare at them obsessively every time you open the closet door.

3. Your last five Pinterest pins were of lemonadeall DIFFERENT kinds of lemonade.

4. Shirtless. Dudes. With. Out. Shirts.

5. Lately, all your daydreams involve you standing in the back of a Jeep, cruising along the beach at sunset with your maxi dress flapping luxuriously in the wind.

6. You've started walking around in flip flops even though you have to wear a massive wool sweater on top. Who cares? It's preppy longshoreman chic.

7. You've been slathering SPF 40 underneath your clothing for weeks now. Everyone else is an amateur.

8. You've already stopped speaking and writing in complete sentences, even though you have a month left of school.

9. You've already re-watched Despicable Me in anticipation of Despicable Me 2.

10. You've been drinking ice coffee three times a day no matter what, and now you're toootally hyper and have to pee all the time!!

11. You went to Forever21 and bought three pairs of sunglasses you don't need.

12. You've started wearing all the sunglasses you bought at Forever21 - indoors and at night, for no reason at all....

13. You've encouraged your parents to take a romantic weekend getaway so that you can plan sleepovers with friends.

14. You're already pretending you're going to read your entire summer reading list by the end of Julyyaaay...delusion!!!

15. You can't wait to see how much awesome-er your neon tank tops are gonna look with your killer tan.

16. So You Think You Can Dance is ready to go on your DVR. Time for the "Hot Tamale Train" and drool-mazing Cat outfits.

Are you too excited for summer?

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