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How To Kiss A Guy Who's Shorter Than You

How To Kiss A Guy Who's Shorter Than You

No one ever said this kissing stuff was going to be easy—where do you put your head, your hands, and your tongue?! Add in complications like bad breath and unintentional heavy sweating, and kissing becomes downright terrifying. On top of all that, how does a tall, lanky girl manage to land a smooch on the short, stocky object of her affections? Don’t fret, height-challenge couples! We’ve got several solutions we're sure will work—probably.

Kiss in the movies. When you’re next to each other in the movies, the height difference is less apparent. Slouch down into your seat—if there was ever a time for bad posture, this is it—and pucker up!

Seek Lower Terrain. Next time you and your crush go for a walk in the park, be strategic about where you're standing when you give him those “come and get it” eyes (wait until you're slightly below him on a sloped hill). If you're on a sidewalk, give him the advantage of the curb by stepping back into the street—as long as it's not busy (please do NOT risk your life just to get some lip action).

Demand that he stand on his tip-toes. The "if you want it, you gotta work for it" attitude never fails to get a good response.

Get Horizontal. You can keep things PG—OK. maybe more like PG-13—by lying down under the stars and smooching on a blanket.

Remember those pogo sticks your dad keeps in the garage? Give 'em to your new man. Plus, there's always stilts, step stools, or kissing mid-trampoline jump.

Find other ways to be loving. If you can’t easily reach his lips without making a scene, find other ways to give him affection. Kiss his hand while your holding it. Hugs are another sweet way to show him you care. And if you want to make him feel like the little shrimp that you fell in love with, give him a noogie.

Get Over it. Sure, this guy is small and compact, but who cares? You really like him, and he really likes you. Kiss him however you want and let everyone else enjoy the show.

Have you ever been the tall girl in the relationship? Do you think it's totally NBD, or does height matter? We want alllll the details!

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