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Who's Your Teen Style Icon?

Who's Your Teen Style Icon?

Which famous teen has NAILED your dream look? Take this quiz to find out!

1. Have you ever gotten in trouble for an outfit at school?
A. I was asked to wipe some glitter off my eyes once, but that's all.
B. Yes, but only once for a very minor fingertips past the shorts violation.
C. Nope, never.
D. Yes, it's a weekly occurrence.

2. Which of these describes what you wore to prom best?
A. A faux hawk and a neon rainbow tutu. It was awesome.
B. Are you kidding? I didn't go to prom. I had a film noir festival that night.
C.  A long cerulean gown with some sparkly accessories.
D. Black combat boots, a vintage band tee, and some Daisy Dukes. My usual go-to outfit for special occasions.

3. You got dragged to the mall today. What's your first stop?

A. dELiA*s and Fred Flare.
B. J. Crew. Or Neiman Marcus.
C. Anthropologie. Or Nordstrom.
D. Hot Topic. Then Urban Outfitters.

4. Who do you think is the best dressed of these celebs?
A. Nicki Minaj
B. Natalie Portman
C. Zooey Deschanel
D. Kristen Stewart

5. Which of these movies are you most looking forward to this summer?
A. Despicable 2
B. The Great Gatsby
C. Epic
D. The Bling Ring


Mostly As: Your teen icon is... Willow Smith. You're bold, sassy, and full of spunk. Neon yellows, greens, and blues make up your closet, along with colorful hair extensions and glittery earrings. It is never difficult to spot you from the crowd!

Mostly Bs: Your teen icon is... Chloe Grace Moretz. You're sophisticated, wise-beyond your years, and talented. You like vintage clothes, Victorian florals, and one-of-a-kind accessories.

Mostly Cs: Your teen icon is... Hailee Steinfeld. Always age-appropriate and classic, you know how to be the most charming and graceful person in the room, like Hailee. Solid colors and classic cuts make up most of your wardrobe. You're always clean cut but never boring.

Mostly Ds: Your teen icon is... Taylor Momsen. You're a little dark and intellectual, and you like to go against the grain. Your style could best be described as casually gothic. Dark eyeliner is a staple, along with maroon lipstick, and any accessory or shirt that represents music in some way.

Who's your teen style icon?

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