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For the Ladies: How a Decision Saved my Dignity

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For the Ladies: How a Decision Saved my Dignity

Another major rule about being a freshman is don’t pave a bad reputation for the rest of your high school career. Anything you do freshman year, will be remembered on and on until you leave high school and then on if you ever decide to go to the high school reunions. You think I’m exaggerating, it’s a lot more serious than you think it is. Don’t let one dirty picture or really hot guy/girl ruin your reputation.  Think clearly and save yourself.

Around the end of November, I was very confused about the never-ending boy drama, egotistical female dogs, and everything in between. One day at lunch, my friend Gio was talking about some friends from Port Washington High School. I decided to ask for one of their names because, hello, they were insanely hot, and talking to any guy is way better than being single right? RIGHT?!?!

My best friend, Bailey, got Luke and I got Geoff. We both texted them that night, and exchanged numbers. Instantly I knew these guys were too cool for school. They were short, stupid texts and it really irritated the heck out of me. Especially when I was texting Luke.

So the day before Thanksgiving, I was texting Luke and he stopped. I he didn’t text me back for a while. I thought we were done texting and just left him alone. A couple hours later, he texted me again.

“Hey so do you have any hot pics I could have? ” he asked.

“Haha ummm....define hot,” I replied back.

“You define it for me ,” he answered.

I was seriously considering taking as hot a picture as I could without labeling it “sexting”, but I didn’t feel like I could do that, and it instantly made me feel uncomfortable. I knew this was going to come back and eat at me, so my hands were kind of tied.

Well what do you know, Ms. Kaylie Schneider has a lot of great ideas. And she can get herself out of anything and do it with a bang. So I did what any clever, self-respecting young woman would do...

I went to the kitchen, opened my oven, took a picture of the inside and sent it to him.

While it was sending, I sent a text saying: “You’re going to like this one; it’s REAL HOT ”

After it sent, I felt some real excitement coming from the other end of the conversation, and when he received the picture, he was really confused.

I felt bad for trolling him, so i sent him a picture of me in my cheerleading outfit from a while back, but you could barely see me, and the outfit made me look boxy. I didn't even pose. Just me with a blank stare because my aunt wanted to see me in it on a day that I really didn't want to. Darn. Sucks how things work out, huh?

I told this story to everyone who I thought would care, and they absolutely loved it. The reception of my trolling stunt made me instant boss of the night. Even my friend, Colin, who is boss over me over everything, told me it was a win and I couldn’t help but reach a whole other level of respect for myself. I even told my dad, who proceeded to tell my mom and other bar patrons, as they were out for the night. I felt, pretty awesome. I’ve always seen pictures of girls who’ve sent dirt in exchange for a “dirty” picture, but who knows if it's actually real but the person who posted it? I wanted to make it real; see what would happen. And I was not disappointed with the results.

Thinking about what would have happened if I did send something to him, seriously sends chills down my spine. He probably would have sent it to his friends, and maybe one of his friends will know someone from here, and that’s where it gets scary. I would have been viral for all the wrong reasons...

Finally, I sat back.

Sitting there and thinking about how you desperately need a dude is making you desperate on its own. Why the hell do I have to sit here and think there is something wrong with me?

Duh, because there isn't! I'm happier than happy that I realized this now and not two years down the road where I'm that girl that goes around and always asks guys if they're pretty. Don't get me wrong they are, but they should know that! And I should have known it too.

Plus, not only did my parent’s bar friends think I was a dignified young-woman, I impressed the people I rely on most to have the best high school years: my parents. And that beats approval from your friends and your parents combined plus the world’s supply of chocolate.

So, realize this, if you're single and wondering why you can't catch a break, there's a bright side to it. You gain respect and independence when you get clever.

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