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14 Gifts for the Super Quirky Mom

14 Gifts for the Super Quirky Mom

All snowflakes are different, kinda like moms. If your mom is a real QUIRKSTER, here are a bunch of gift ideas that'll make her happy on Mother's Day:

1. Do something artistic and meaningful. Don’t just knit her a sweater, knit her a sister.

2. Give her the gift of imagination—by telling her to just imagine the gift she wanted. If she says the gift she wanted was for you to move out of the house, we're really sorry.

3. Cook her a meal. Nothing too fancy, we would suggest an Italian favorite we like to call “Fourth of July Pasta.”  The only ingredients are brown gravy and ice.

4. Spoil her with a cloak of comfort. Buy her a Snuggie and excitedly explain “that’s how I once felt in your womb!”

5. Take her to a craft fair and treat her to a turquoise necklace or a bracelet made of rope. Quirky moms love that.

6. Mail her a letter. Inside, place a series of rose petals, a note, and a ring. On the note, ask her to marry you. Always gets a laugh.

7. Give her the gift of music—buy two ukeleles and start a band called “Mother’s Day.”

8. Sometimes it's easy to forget your Mom was once a young woman. So, buy her a hunky firefighter calendar, but Photoshop your face onto all the firefighters' faces. This way, she feels like a sexy woman, but, like, she's still your Mom.

9. Make her feel hip—introduce her to a vegan.

10. Buy her a nice card. Inside, write a poem that symbolizes what she’s meant to you as a parent throughout the years. Keep in mind, there’s a good chance the poem will be bad, so put cash inside the card also.

11. Allow her to feel young again. Cancel your Saturday night plans and just stay up late with your Mom. Pop some popcorn, make some prank phone calls, and gossip about Ryan Gosling.

12. Plant a tree together, then give a very long-winded speech about how Mother Nature is the ultimate mother—but your mom's pretty good, too.

13. Buy her a tandem bicycle and mold a life-size, plaster replica of yourself and affix the model to one of the seats. That way, you’re always there, even when you’re not.

14. Buy her yet another pair of Crocs.

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