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5 Easy DIY Gifts for Mom

5 Easy DIY Gifts for Mom

Remember when you were little and your mom used to be so happy and proud of your finger paintings and macaroni necklaces that you made for Mother's Day? Well, we're willing to bet she'd still be happy to get those trinkets of DIY love from you, but why not step it up a notch? Here are five ideas corresponding to your type of mama.

1. If your mom is a foodie...
Then infuse some darn olive oil! Combine some with her favorite flavor (chili, lemon, basil, and rosemary are a few examples), which you should be able to find at your usual grocery store, with some olive oil. You'll also need a cute bottle; look for one at a yard sale, craft shop, or recycle one that mom is going to throw out soon. So sneaky! To infuse, you'll need to cook a little bit. Use these instructions from Just Putzing Around the Kitchen and get help from someone other than mom if you need it.

2. If your mother loves to be pampered/needs to be pampered...
She'll probably love to exfoliate with a sugar scrub! Here's another craft that involves olive oil. Combine two cups of raw sugar with half a cup of refined sugar. Add a tablespoon of honey and half a cup of olive oil. For a scent, add a tablespoon of either lemon juice, vanilla extract, or lavender oil. Don't forget to put it in a jar and tie a spoon to it, too.

3.  If your mum is very social and has a lot of friends...
Pretty cards are easy to make, and social moms need cards. First, make your mom a card to tell her you love her on Mother's Day. Then, make her a pack of 10 cards to use for thank-you notes, greetings, or invites. All you'll need is some different colored card stock, glue or tape, and colorful fine-tipped markers. Buttons, stickers, personal photos, or funny, printed images. Tie them together with a decorative ribbon. Your social butterfly of a mom will love the thought and the practicality! Here's one video for inspiration.

4. If your mama has a green thumb...
Then she knows that succulents are so hot right now. Give her a small planter of them for her home office, office-office, or kitchen windowsill. Pick up a pot at your local craft store or home improvement super store, some acrylic paint, and a succulent plant at a gardening store. Use your artistic ability with the paint on the pot—stripes and polka dots work great, but anything that reminds you of your mom is better. Add some soil/dirt to the pot and then the succulent, and voilà! Add a bow for a nice touch, but don't try to wrap it or put in a gift bag.

5. If your madre is a fashionista...
Make her a scarf! Take either a solid colored shirt you don't want or pick up a cool solid shirt at your local hobby shop or inexpensive clothing store. You'll also need scissors, and a tie of some sort... a leather cuff works, but so does ribbon. Watch Mr. Kate's tutorial below for full instructions on how you'll do this.

What are you doing for your mom this Mother's Day?

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