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42 Things To Think About When You Can't Sleep

42 Things To Think About When You Can't Sleep

1. If you fall asleep right now you will still get 7 hours of sleep.

2. Super specific compliments about your friends and family that you can bust out later, on future birthday cards or random FB messages.

3. Sloths.

4. Your superhero outfit.

5. What was in that sleep advice article you Google-d last week? Oh yeah, when falling asleep it’s better to think in images. So try to remember that amazing dream you had last week where you won the lottery or went to prom with Ryan Gosling.

6. Sheep. Just try.

7. Design your dream apartment for when you're 25.

8. This duckling falling asleep in his owner’s accounting class.

9. What you would do if Harry Styles tried to kiss your word hole.

10. Red pandas playing in the snow.

11. All of the items on your ASOS wish list and if you actually need them.

12. Has Amanda Bynes really gone crazy or is it just a publicity stunt? Why do you even care, or why should anyone be following this?

13. All the places in the world you want to visit, starting with this insane beach in the Maldives.

14. Whatever ever happened to that cute British exchange student that was here for his sophomore year?

15. Would you be the same person if your dad had taken that job across the country 10 years ago?

16. The pros and cons of applying for a one-way ticket to Mars.

17. What you would regret not doing if you died tomorrow? Morbid, yes, but something good to think about.

18. The Great Gatsby or whatever novel you’re reading in English class. Just re-tell it to yourself like a bedtime story. It’s a form of studying! Maybe!

19. Who you’re going to marry. Really. Your current boyfriend or girlfriend? Someone you already know but haven’t dated? Is there a very specific person you’re still waiting for?

20. What your teachers must’ve been like as teens.

21. What your parents must've been like as teens.

22. Which member of the Kardashian family would you most (or least) like to be friends with.

23. If you fall asleep right now you will still get 6 hours of sleep.

24. This narcoleptic kitteh.

25. Something you want to learn how to do, like breakdancing or playing the accordion. Everyone needs a party trick or special talent. Choose wisely.

26. Would you rather have one leg or one arm?

27. The ocean. That’s relaxing to think about, right? (JUST KIDDING—SHAAAAAAARKS!)

28. How many Facebook friends you are actually friends with in real life.

29. What you’re going to wear if it rains tomorrow.

30. Ways to earn a little extra money. Maybe you can consign your old clothes? Do people buy lemonade anymore?

31. What you want to do for your birthday this year—it doesn’t matter that it’s still seven months away.

32. If you had to move anywhere in the world where would you go and why?

33. What do things do you need to stop thinking about? Don’t dwell on things you don’t have or have zero control over.

34. What songs you should put on your June playlist.

35. What’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told and why?

36. A day in the life of anyone else, like a celebrity, a professor, or even your crush.

37. What you would actually do with a million dollars.

38. This cat sleeping on this dog.

39. Trying to count yourself to sleep in Spanish or French or whatever language you’re trying to learn.

40. All the TV shows you need to catch up on, and ones you want to start watching.

41. Eddie, the otter with arthritis, playing basketball.

42. If you fall asleep now you will still get five hours of sleep—and that’s really the cut off for still being functional tomorrow.

What do you think about when you can't sleep?

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