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SparkLife Poetry Club: Beauty

SparkLife Poetry Club: Beauty

Woohoo—it looks like we got some newcomers on the last post! So before we get down to business, I'd like to welcome all the rookies into our quaint little poetry club. I would offer you a jacket or a least a button, but my artistic skills aren't that great and the design wouldn't look as cool as our poems. We DO have cookies and juice though! It's on that table over there!

While you're enjoying your refreshments, let me refresh you on the rules (see what I did there?!?!). Each week I'll give you a specific topic for you to write a poem on. There are no requirements for what kind of poem to write. If your poetry is related to the topic, is submitted by Saturday/early Sunday that week, and is super duper fantabulous, it might be featured in the next post!

If you have any more questions you can see the introduction post here or just ask in the comments. The club members are a friendly bunch and would be more than happy to help you out!

This Week's Topic: Beauty
Yeah, it's a bit of a cliche, but see what you can do with it! Write about what beauty is, what it isn't, whatever you want.

Poet of the Week: Katie Makkai
So you know how I said that Taylor Mali is my male poetry favorite? Well Katie is tied with for best female poet with Sarah Kay. This spoken word performance called "Pretty" is phenomenal! (But just to warn you sensitive kiddos, it does have one bad word in it. I'm looking out for you.)

Honorable Sparklers: airbenderfangirl5, cece_fredzilla, hannahbanana496, Octoberbird, that_other_leah, and a poem on being passionate about... well, poetry!

On Poems, Poets, and Poetry—HJGranger

A poem's like a jewel, you know,
that can be carried 'round;
it can fit right in your pocket;
it can weigh an ounce or pound.

And when you take it out of there
to read it once again
it fills the air around you
full of sights and smells, and then

as you stand there, taking in the words,
the message, and the theme,
the poem melts inside of you
and anchors in your dreams.

You know that it has changed you
and you cannot point to how,
but you know that doesn't matter, no
it doesn't matter now.

If you want to join the club, submit your poem and title in the comment section down below. You can also write a Sparkler Post as long as you tag your post with SPC so I can find it! Email is also an option if you want to send your work to You can also send me regular emails and/or funny ecards if you want! Please? My inbox is so empty...

Here I Am—airbenderfangirl5
Do you see me?
I'm sitting here
drawing a picture
of something
I don't understand
in my head.
Do you see me?
I'm sitting here
doing my homework
for classes
years above me.
Do you see me?
I'm sitting here
reading a book
with tears
streaming down my face
of all the horrible
and wonderful
happening to the characters.
Do you see me?
I'm sitting here
loving all the things
I love.

I see you,
on the other side
of the courtyard,
drawing a picture
of something
you don't understand
in your head.
I see you,
doing your homework
for classes
years above you.
I see you,
reading a book
with a carrot in your mouth
crunch crunch crunching
and acting
like it doesn't affect you
when everyone knows
that it does.
I see you,
loving all the things
I love too.

You think
there is no one else
with passion
like you.
But do you see me?
Here I am.

It starts with an idea,
Grows into a concept
Which morphs into a map
And then into a web.
Webs become words.
Word become lives.
Starting over.
Rinsing and repeating
And over
And over again
Until the words come out right
And you look at something to be proud of.

Chasing Glory—hannahbanana496
Steadfast pioneer, where now do you journey?
On this wandering path worn by souls and by scars;
You've given it all for the splendor of glory,
Promised to those who strive for the stars.

Seeking the trophy, the idolized prize,
Utterly focused on that glimpse of gold.
Through toil and strife you raise jaded eyes,
Seeing the medal, which has you in hold.

Now seizing the chance which whispers of wealth,
One who renounced it all to stand freely on top.
Forsaking even brothers with cunning and stealth,
The contest for riches leaving no room to stop.

Championed achiever, all earth can be won.
At last, says the world, you have truly succeeded.
The masses will envy the task you have done.
But is it as sweet as you anticipated?

The worker, the dreamer, those searching for a thrill,
For fleeting triumphs and a meaningless title.
All rivers flow to a sea which never gets filled,
While fickle winds blow in a halfhearted cycle.

Steadfast pioneer, was the prize worth the journey?
On that wandering path worn by souls and by scars;
Finally you may bask in the sun’s frivolous glory,
But the morning made your winnings fade like the stars.

When an image, a sound
Strikes your mind, unexpected, but never unwelcome,
Setting off a chain reaction of words and rhythm,
And you forget all about tomorrow's math exam,
And the fact that it's two in the morning,
And even your hunger and thirst
In an effort to catch, if not the exact phrase,
Then at least a whiff, an essence.

That is passion.

enter stage right, croisé devant, stare dramatically into audience,
stand unnaturally: the s-curve of my spine
is one of the many things about me i'm concealing.
the line of my leg was meant to give you shivers.
the flick of my wrist was meant to change your life.
and if my knee gives out beneath me as i extend my foot above my chest,
the perfect timing with a drum-beat will make you think it was purposeful.
bead-cord muscles, stomach tucked,
it's like my jackknifing lungs have room to breathe.

Are you a new member of the SparkLife Poetry Club? Will you be submitting a poem this week?

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