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NPR Wants to Hear Your Stories!

NPR Wants to Hear Your Stories!

Attention storytellers, writers, teenagers, and absolutely every one of you! NPR and Radio Diaries wants to hear your stories! They want you to record, write, or photograph true stories about you, and submit it for a chance to produce a radio diary or have your story featured on You are perfect for this. You might not think anyone wants to hear you tell a story about the time you forgot to pack your favorite pen, and that day was so unbelievably terrible because of it, but you're wrong. You are all interesting, and everything that happens to you is an event that can be passed on as a compelling memory for people who didn't experience it, or people who have forgotten what it's like to be a teenager. Radio Diaries have had five teenagers documenting their lives since 1996, and because they are now adults, there is a search for new diarists. It should be you!

Your story doesn't have to be some amazing harrowing tale full of action and adventure—like the time you escaped a shark attack—it can be anything from your first crush kissing you to the time your mom made your favorite meal the wrong way, and that's how you knew something was different in your house. Everything is a story, no matter how small, because everything can be broken down into choices and consequences, feelings, smells, sounds, revelations, and regrets. Just dissect or reassemble, and out comes a beginning, middle, and end. You can write about whatever you'd like.

Here's how you do this:

1. Join Cowbird
2. Click "Tell a Story"
3. Before you submit your story, click the icon that says "Sagas," then click "Teens."
4. To finish, click "Publish."

For your stories to be considered, they should be all original material. So no copyrighted photos or songs. That'll just get ya disqualified.

We hope a few Sparklers make it in, and we want to hear all about your writing and storytelling experience on Sparkler Posts. You have until May 31st!

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