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Confessions Of A 17-Year Old: I'm Engaged???

I can't believe that it's been less than 3 months since I've joined the wonderful community of all are wonderous people, regardless of the occasional debates we have in the comments, you as a community have become one of my closest friends (I don't have many friends). So I've finally found the trust to tell you guys something I don't tell many people....I'm engaged!

Now your first thoughts after 'congratulations' are probably 'whaaaaattt? You're a junior in high school, Oister! You can't possibly expect to commit so soon!' And to that I say: perhaps. You see, this ring doesn't mean we're getting married next year, like everyone thinks we are. No, my boyfriend and I are going to wait until at least he gets back from his tour of duty in the Marines in 4 years, so it says less 'I want to marry you now' and more 'I will be faithful to you during the time I am gone'. By then, he'll be 22, and I will be 21. And at the risk of sounding a bit pretentious, I believe that my boyfr--fiance and myself are a bit more mature than most high school couples, as observed by both of our parents and every teacher we've talked to at our school. So I have good faith that it will work out.

Next question: How did he propose??

Well, it actually happened in February, but this is the first time any of you are hearing about it so bear with me and pretend that it's recent. My boyfrie--fiance is a stereotypical Southern gentleman, born in Kentucky and raised in Texas, and it was cheesy as hell. On our one year anniversery (yes, we had been dating for that short of a period, but hey. I know plenty of people who got engaged after a couple of months.) we reserved a table at a nice local Italian resturant. It was very small but upscale, and we were seated by the fireplace at 7PM, with pretty white Christmas lights lining the ceiling and a traditional candlelit dinner. I was in a pretty white dress and he in a suit. Sure enough, he got down on one knee and proposed with a ring in front of everyone. After I said yes, everyone in the room clapped and cheered for us, and as a special extra surprise, someone annonymous in the room even paid our entire tab--over $50! It was a night to remember.

Final Question: What's up with the ring?

For you non-Irish folk out there, this is something called a Cladauggh (i didn't spell that right) ring. My boyfr---fiance!! also happens to be very Irish, and we happen to frequent this local Irish boutique owned by the sweetest old lady. It is traditionally used for friendship and engagement rings in Ireland, and this one that he proposed with was hand-crafted silver with a custom set and cut Aquamarine stone in the middle for my birth month, March. The hands are for friendship, the crown for loyalty, and the heart for love. Wearing it on your right hand ring finger pointing out means you're single, and pointing in means you're in a relationship. Left hand ring finger pointing out means you're engaged and pointing in means you're married. I just liked the way it looked pointing in for the picture, though

Bonus Round: How are you going to stay faithful to him when he's overseas for 4 years??

Well, it would indeed be very hard, and despite my firm objections, he has said that it would be okay with him if we had an open relationship for this time if I so chose to. I choose not to. And with this comes my second sort-of announcment: I think I'm going to enlist in the Marine Corps out of high school as well. The Corps is like a black hole...if you get too close it just sucks you in and you can never get out. That's where I'm at right now. The more I hang out at the recruiting station and go to PT and talk to the sergants, the more I want a part of that lifestyle. Not even for the G.I. Bill, I want to be U.S. Marine. And it's kind of hard to cheat on someone when the penalty for being in a sexual relationship during service with another service member is punishable under a dishonorable discharge.

So anyways.....I know that this is all very vague and jumbled and coming out in a rush, but there are big things, new things, good things....all happening in my life right now and I feel that you guys have all gotten to the point where you are so much my family that you should have a part in knowing. I promise I've thought things out a lot more than how it seems in this post, but I doubt you guys would be interested in my listing of the pros and cons of my joining the Marines. Anyways, thanks for listening! I love everyone so much! -Oister

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