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Autocorrect Fails from the 1920s

Autocorrect Fails from the 1920s

It is about time for cinemas to roll out Baz Luhrmann's newest jalopy, "The Great Gatsby," and we're goofy excited about the fashion, if not the possible dizzy portrayal of F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel. In honor of the jitney rolling into town, we present biggest autocorrect fails from the era of Jay Gatsby himself.

INTENDED: Haven't you met Gatsby? he's the big cheese.
AUTOCORRECTED: Haven't you met Gatsby? he's the budgerigar.

They say you killed a man.
They say you kitchen mom.

Honey, you're the bees knees!
Honkin' yellow beast near!

Don't take any wooden nickels, now.
Donut take my wombat nipples, no.

Rich girls don't marry poor boys.
Ricotta doll marry pool boy.

I am really hitting on all sixes today!
I am reveling in axolotle toads!

If you want to go out sometime, that would be hotsy totsy.
I want to goat some timid hat worn by hot toddie.

You slay me.
Yuss. lie to me.

I hope she'll be a fool.
I hopscotch strawberry fool.

I think I've got a crush on you.
I think I've got a crush on you.


So we drove on toward death through the cooling twilight.
So wet river on two dingoes throw the cous cous Twinkies.

Pipe down, I'm trying to hear Duke Ellington.
Pineapple, imagine to have duck lasagna.

What is your favorite 1920s slag? We mean SLANG.

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