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Which Orchestra Instrument Are You?

Which Orchestra Instrument Are You?

Take this quiz to find out!

1. On a Friday night, you can typically be found:

a) twirling in a meadow
b) doing jazz dance in an alley
c) crying in a dusty picture frame shop
d) at the batting cages
e) reading Jane Austen

2. On a weekend, you like to wear:

a) a flamenco dress or puffy silk shirt
b) a neon leotard, leg warmers, and fedora
c) felt knickerbockers and a suede hat with a feather
d) a white-fringed daredevil jumpsuit
e) a floor-length velvet gown

3. You favorite after-school snack is:

a) celery and peanut butter
b) cheese cubes and mini pickles
c) an overripe banana
d) pop rocks
e) oatmeal

4. Your favorite sport is:

a) maypole
b) aerobics
c) crying inside the pantry
d) kickboxing
e) swimming

5. Your orchestra crush plays:

a) the clarinet
b) the trombone
c) the violin
d) is the conductor
e) the bassoon

6. Your favorite song to play is:

a) Yankee Doodle
b) Baker Street
c) Swan Lake
d) Polovtsian Dances
e) Bach, Suite No. 1 in G major

7. Your favorite time signature is:

a) 4/4
b) 5/4
c) 6/8
e) 3/4

8. In class, you sit:

a) at the front of the room where you can answer the teacher’s questions
b) over by the window, where you can daydream
c) in the quiet seat in the middle; the eye of the storm
d) in the back row, drumming up trouble
e) near the door, so you can lose yourself in the lesson without drawing attention

9. How many musicians does it take to change a lightbulb?

a) If we all blow hard enough, it will unscrew itself.
b) Maybe we shouldn’t be changing lightbulbs, we should be changing ourselves! *jazz hands*
c) Oh no, the lightbulb is out? :(
d) I can smash it right out by throwing my shoe at the light fitting from the ground. Move aside!
e) One musician to replace the bulb and a string quartet to herald the loss of a lightbulb.

Tally up your answers!

Mostly As:

You are a flute! You tootle through life leaving behind a trail of tinkly cheer that only the most special people can detect. You love accessories, and know there is nothing quite like a shiny piece of silver to accentuate a glam outfit. You go through A LOT of lip balm.

Mostly Bs:

You are a saxophone! Right now, you’re probably blowing jazz out the window at the moon, like the cool cat that you are. When you are happy, you can’t help but launch into an ecstatic interpretive dance. When you got laryngitis, you successfully used your saxophone to communicate a pizza order.

Mostly Cs:

You're an oboe! You’re a gentle soul who is always happy for your friends when they are in the limelight, even if you are sometimes overlooked. You can subdue an angry black bear by playing “Grandfather’s clock” and have been directing your unrequited love at the head violinist for the past year and a half through your double-reeded songmaker. You have amazing cheekbones.

Mostly Ds:

You are percussion! You always walk tall, and can multitask like a demon. You have dreams of building the ultimate drum set—a 360-degree sphere of timpanis, snares, cymbals, merimbas, reindeer bells and a bass drum that you will play while suspended from the roof by a harness. You are a trailblazer and a party hero.

Mostly Es:

You are a cello! You are timeless, or 18th century-like if we had to pick a time. Classic and sensitive, you can move from a heartwrenching sonata to a plucky jazz standard, depending on the mood of the room. You have a lot of baggage, but it’s okay, because you carry it with grace.

Which orchestra instrument are you?

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