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Things We WISH Could Be Turned into Efficient Energy

Things We WISH Could Be Turned into Efficient Energy

Let's say you grow an experimenting foul-smelling, rotting magical mold forest under your bed and get grounded. Sara Volz does it and gets props from President Obama and $100,000. You're gross, and she's got the bees knees. What's the difference? The algae growing in Sara's bedroom is a potential alternative energy source. With that in mind, we recommend you get started on these experiments ASAP. The Earth is depending on you. Science!

Hypothesis: The noxious fumes coming off your gym uniform can be trapped, compressed, and burned as a "natural" gas.

Hypothesis: If harnessed with the appropriate face masks, the hot air produced from your school's debate club can spin a small wind turbine, generating enough electricity to run a small television.

Hypothesis: The methane-rich gaseous expulsions from that gross guy in your Spanish class who likes to announce his farts can be stored in a special sealed concrete tank (critical) and burned for power.

Hypothesis: The slime mold on the ham and cheese sandwich that's been in the back of your locker since first semester can be turned into a Plasmobot computer that runs on its own electrical activity.

Hypothesis: The oil from your school population's collective T-zones can be bottled and used as a biodiesel.

Hypothesis: If the entire swim team belly flops into the pool at the same time, the wave energy created can power the air conditioning system for 15 seconds.

Hypothesis: The stale apple Danishes that have been in the school vending machine since 1992 can be dried and burned as an alternative energy source.

Future scientists of the world, how will you go forth and make annoying and disgusting things into alternative energy?

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