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Need Dollars? Enter the 2013 SparkNotes Yearbook Awards for a Chance to Win $250!!!

Need Dollars? Enter the 2013 SparkNotes Yearbook Awards for a Chance to Win $250!!!

It's that time again, Sparklers: HOT CHEDDAR TIME.

Every year, Pendleton Q. SparkNotes puts down his sapphire-encrusted dictionary, raises his monocle, reaches in his giant silk sack, and pulls out... other silk sacks. Then he reaches into his back pocket and throws down wads of cold, hard cash for the winners of THE SPARKNOTES YEARBOOK AWARDS.

This year, we've added new categories and a super fun new element—videos! Here's the complete list of categories you can apply for:

  • Biggest Geek
  • Best Prom Dress
  • Best Smile
  • Best Eyes
  • Best Nail Art
  • Best Makeup Artist
  • Best Hair

How can you apply, and what happens next?

FIRST: Make sure you've got photos or videos to show off your award-worthy talent or look. Remember, photos and videos should be submitted in accordance with the Submission Guidelines.

SECOND: Visit our application page, tell us why YOU should win $250 in your chosen category, and upload pics or a video of you (just paste a link from YouTube), where applicable. The submission period ends May 14!

THEN: Sit back and wait for your application to be reviewed. If you make it to the final round, your submission will be on SparkNotes starting on May 17.

From May 17 - June 7, users (including you!) can vote on their favorite candidates for each of the nine categories. Winners will be announced later in June.

NOW, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? The submission period is short, so put your application together TODAY for the chance to walk away with 250 bucks, courtesy of SparkNotes!

Which category are you going to submit for?

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