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Got Braces? 10 Comebacks For the Haters!

Got Braces? 10 Comebacks For the Haters!

If you’re lucky enough to have braces, you’re also lucky enough to have some gap-toothed fools mocking you for it. The joke’s on them, though—in a minute your teeth are going to be razor-straight and bling-sparkle white, and suddenly your hair will flow and sexy-tumble of its own accord, as demonstrated in oral hygiene ads. It shall be most awesome. In the meantime, here are a few comebacks to snipe your way through the ugly high noon of the braces wasteland.

1. I so look forward to discussing this formative moment at our 10-year reunion!

2. Yeah, my brother tells that joke all the time. He's seven. You guys would totally get along.

3. Sorry, I didn’t catch a word of that—say again, but this time enunciate.

4. Oh, so you ARE leaving yours like that. We were wondering.

5. Yeah, you’re right, they totally suck. They’re literally the only thing keeping me from being able to pass though walls.

6. I’m just really glad there are ways to fix what’s wrong with MY face.

7. Yeah, braces! You smell.

8. What braces?

9. I keep trying to get my parents to quit spending money on me, but they just WILL NOT STOP.

10. Yeth, I have bratheth! Thankth!

Do you ever get picked on because of your braces? What's your go-to comeback?

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